Year: 2015

Book smart, not fast!

Many customers do not realize that they are very often disadvantaged while booking a hotel. Here are four tips on how to book a cheaper hotel room. 1. In general, those who book early, usually get the highest discounts.  However, travelers should not be afraid to delay their booking. You can place a number of hotels in your virtual shopping bag and keep an eye on this. Hotels constantly adjust their prices to the availability and demand, so the chances are you will get a lower price if you book later. This tactic can especially work out well during the low season. 2. For those not willing to take the risk and ending up without a hotel room, they may also change the search on their searching engine. According to a study at the American Northeastern University booking sites tend to discriminate based on the recent bookings and browser history. Travelers looking for a good deal can therefore delete their browsing history or use the incognito mode. 3. Not only your internet behavior, but also …

What’s been happening in the OTA Industry? [Infographic]

Rate parity agreements have been a widely debated topic in the online booking industry for some time now. With these rate parity agreements booking websites can prohibit hoteliers from offering lower rates on other websites. Since several European authorities have ruled the best price guarantees of Booking and Expedia as illegal and anti-competitive, these OTAs have softened their policies allowing more competition. Or so they say. With high commissions still on the rise, there is no stopping to the OTAs. Read our infographic to get an update on all the recent changes in the hotel market.  

Dutch Discounters Disrupting the Market [Infographic]

Using a low price strategy to win market share may be tricky – but the ones that succeeded, have levelled the playing field proving that good services can be provided against lower costs. On the left, three Dutch companies who entered the market with a disruptive price strategy and succeeded. On the right, three start-ups who in their own way are trying to compete with the old guard in their markets by offering cheaper alternatives.  

Best Mother’s Day Destinations

This weekend we have a very important day ahead of us. Hopefully you already know that on the 10th of May most countries celebrate the Mother’s Day. For those who have forgotten about it, don’t worry. There is still some time to prepare and to find a way to show your mother how much you appreciate her. What is a better way to show your love than surprising her with a little present? Chocolate and flowers are always nice, but if you want to be more original and give a really memorable gift that will make both you and her happy, than maybe it would be a good idea to book a hotel and explore a new city with your mum. You can see this trip as a well-deserved break, but in the same time it is also a nice occasion for bonding and spending some time together. To make your lives easier, we made a special list with the cities that are perfect for a weekend getaway with your mum. Amsterdam Explore the beauty …

King's Day

Best Places to Celebrate King’s Day in The Netherlands

One of the biggest festivities of the year in the Netherlands will take place next week. On the 27th of April, the Dutch but also anyone else who wants to feel Dutch will celebrate the birthday of King Willem-Alexander. Cities all over the country will be full of people celebrating the birthday of their king by wearing orange, the colour of the House of Orange-Nassau.

Bidroom is back and better!

As some of you might have already noticed, we made a few changes to Bidroom. We took your feedback to heart and for months our tech team has been working hard to create the brand new website you’re looking at.