Month: October 2017

The Future of Hotel’s Front Desk: Can a Machine Replace a Human?

More and more hotels try to experiment with their check-in procedures to upgrade their service. One of the ways for the arriving traveller is to use the kiosk instead of traditionally coming up to the front desk and getting the key from the receptionist. If this kind of hotel upgrade catches on, soon we might live (or travel) in the world where the only time we contact a hotel staff is when we have an emergency request or when a housekeeper knocks on our door. The question is – is this more of a utopian or a dystopian vision of the future of travelling?


How to Deal with Stopovers

One thing most travellers dread are the stopovers. Hours spent at the airport with seemingly little to do can be tiring and make the trip a lot less enjoyable. That’s why today we want to give you a few useful tips on how to make them not just bearable but actually fun.

Thermal Spas

The Thermal Spas of Hungary

There are many great spots for spa lovers around Europe, but no place compares to Hungary. The country famous for its thermal waters takes the number one spot on the Old Continent’s pampering destinations list.  Let’s have a look at some of the Hungary’s most popular thermal water spots.

experiential travel

Experiential Travel. Bringing Adventure and Real Experience to Travellers

There has been a time when travelling was an activity reserved for just a few. Orient Express used to link Europe with Asia, transatlantic ships brought travelers from America to Europe, and Europeans to the New World. Hotels used to offer pretty much similar experience at that time. Imperial style, glamour lobby, well-dressed bellboys. Travelling was a privilege and the world was still undiscovered.