2018 – A year of blooming. 2019 – The year for Booming.

It is coming to the end of the year for us all. Christmas is just around the corner and New Year’s Eve is about to take us into the year 2019. Can you believe it is almost 2019 already?! What happened to 2018? Where did it all go? What happened? Will next year be the same? All good questions and the exact ones I am about to answer.

It is coming to the end of the year for us all. Christmas is just around the corner and New Year’s Eve is about to take us into the year 2019. Can you believe it is almost 2019 already?! What happened to 2018? Where did it all go? What happened in Bidroom? Will next year be the same? All good questions and the exact ones I am about to answer.

2018 has been a huge year for Bidroom. Not only is it the year that I started work here, which is big enough, but believe it or not, there is so much more to tell.

Bidroom @Visa

Visa Europe

Back in the middle of 2017 Bidroom went and took part in a Visa event called “Visa Everywhere Initiative” in Copenhagen. The event itself was incredible and well organised and held annually across the globe. Szymon, our team leader in marketing, was there as the face of Bidroom.

As a consequence of that event, Bidroom started talks with Visa to allow all Visa cardholders in Europe access to the Bidroom platform. Earlier this year we officially launched https://www.visa.bidroom.com/. Via this dedicated Visa/Bidroom platform all European cardholders have access to the deals available on the main Bidroom.com platform.

All A-Board

October of this year saw a very important event. The new board of Bidroom was born and officially made public. With three new and important board members joining Bidroom we moved to a new level.

The pre-existing CEO and founder, Michael Ros, moved to a new role as the COO taking care of all operations within Bidroom. Casper, the other founder, remained in a business development role, officially becoming Bidroom’s CDO (Chief Development Officer).

Bidroom Board

The new additions to the Bidroom family were the previous owners of the Apollo Hotel Chain in Holland. Bas Tolmeijer became the new CEO, Francesco Monaco took on a new role of CCO and John Stoffers became the new CFO. They also brought along with them Pauline Verhoef as Director of Marketing and Communications. This move also came along with Bidroom moving from a start-up to an SME.


The Bidroom team grew a lot over the last year. We saw the team expand to 60 people with the majority being based here in the Krakow office. There was a mixture of new team members. Support Staff, Sales, Marketing, Office Management, Business Development teams and of course the all-important IT department.

Join Bidroom

All of the new additions to the Bidroom family were welcomed with open arms and are already working well within the team. We all work together like a well-oiled machine, and support each other like a family. With such a large workforce this is something fairly unique and hugely successful.

2019 – Get Ready to Boom!

The expansion of the team is due to rise to 150 by the end of 2019. With such aggressive recruitment going on, our beautiful office in the very heart of Krakow, on the historic Market Square, also needed to be expanded to make way for the new team members starting next year.

With Bidrooom’s plans to more than double our workforce, 2019 will see a huge recruitment drive. The roles looking to be filled are to include, but not exclusive too; IT – Senior back-end roles, Front End UI/UX developers and Full Stack Developers. We are also expanding our HR department with a strong emphasis on Mid-level roles including recruiters.

In the Marketing department, we are currently looking for a data-analyst but the opportunities will grow in 2019 so keep an eye out on our careers page.

The other departments that will be expanding are the Business Development team for all markets worldwide as well as sales – specifically in the Nordic region. If you are interested in working for Bidroom then please do not hesitate to contact us directly by sending an email with CV and covering letter to work@bidroom.com.

If you do not fit any of the roles above but feel you really want to come and join the family and the fight to bring fairness back to the industry then do not hesitate to contact us with CV, covering letter and job role you feel you will fit. Again contact us by email on work@bidroom.com.

New Look Baby, Yea!

Q2 of 2019 is set to be the time that we officially launch the new look and improved functionality website and the Bidroom App. Both of these things have taken months of development and testing. It is not over yet as we have a few more months to go, but things are looking very good.

There are going to be many more features on the website and App. This will include more social features and interactive features. We will also be giving other options to our members when it comes to booking their accommodation and giving feedback to the rest of the community within Bidroom.

Of course, there will be many more hotels coming on board in 2019. With a huge drive going on at the moment which includes giving 10,000 hotels the opportunity to join the platform for free. With the new business model in place and hotels liking the latest version of the Bidroom concept, it would seem that some of the worlds most well-known chains will be joining Bidroom to expand availability and choice to our members.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

So 2018 was both great and successful. 2019 is set to be even better. I can say from a personal point of view that I am very happy I had the opportunity to join this amazing group of people. The entire team should pat themselves on the backs for doing an amazing job this year. I think I can speak for us all when I say thank you to the hotels that believed in us enough to join us already. Thank you to all the members that have been experiencing the benefits of using Bidroom already and lastly, thank you to all the readers of BlogRoom.

Keep your eyes out for all the best and freshest content on travel available. Thank you to all our partners and collaborators. If you are an Influencer and want to work with us then contact Olga directly on olga@bidroom.com. If you are a Blog Writer or Vlogger in the travel world and want to work with us then please get in contact with me directly on steve@bidroom.com and let’s talk.

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