Year: 2018

2018 – A year of blooming. 2019 – The year for Booming.

It is coming to the end of the year for us all. Christmas is just around the corner and New Year’s Eve is about to take us into the year 2019. Can you believe it is almost 2019 already?! What happened to 2018? Where did it all go? What happened? Will next year be the same? All good questions and the exact ones I am about to answer.

NanaPrincess Hotel – The New Jewel in the Crown of Charismatic Crete

Recently Bidroom had a new hotel in Crete join the ranks of the already incredible selection of accommodation available to our members. Having explored the Nana Princess Suites, Villas & Spa (website only, unfortunately), I felt the need to write about it. It is a beautiful hotel offering all its guests a VIP service, but also, I think, it is a perfect example of what can be achieved. Add to that the fact that I think it represents the future of hotel accommodation and it all adds up to something worthy of sharing. The Concept Nana Princess Suites, Villas & Spa, designed and built by the Karatzis Group, has really gone above and beyond with this breathtaking, elevated, 5-star hospitality experience where every guest gets treated like royalty. Offering tailor-made services in an exclusive setting where all of your desires will be taken care of. This luxurious seafront resort offers exquisitely designed sea view suites and villas, most of which have their own private pool. The resort offers an oasis for wellness and exclusive spa …

Japan – Improve Your Body and Mind While You Escape Christmas!

Japan for me has always had a certain air of elegance, mystery and ancient sophistication. It is rich in history that was put down in written word long before the history of the West ever was. It is a country that attracted more than 24 million people last year. Now, I have found an even better reason to visit, especially at this time of year. They don’t celebrate Christmas! I know, I know, Bah Humbug, but let’s face it, not everyone wants to celebrate Christmas. It is difficult to get away from the Christmas vibe if that is what you want to do, but hopefully, once you have read this article you will agree that Japan is a good option to do just that. Relax in a Luxury Pod Hotel If you have never experienced, or worse, heard of Japanese Pod Hotels, well, you have now. At first glance it seems like a bad idea, they are small and compact and seem to offer no luxury at all. At least not what we would call …

Maximise Your Revenue Over the Christmas Period

As hoteliers, we all know that the Christmas period is a sure-fire money maker. However, it is always our job to increase sales over Christmas to maximise the revenue. I am sure you have your ideas, but we can get stuck in our ‘usual’ ideas. That is exactly why I am writing this, in the hope that I may inspire you with some fresh ideas to use. A Christmas Market of Your Own We all know that visiting a Christmas market is something magical and festive and almost all families love to go to at least one. The reason for holding your own is two-fold. Of course, increase your own revenue, but also, to strengthen relationships with other local businesses, and, to form new ones. This gives you plenty of room to make money. You can set up plenty of stalls of your own that could include things such as mulled wine, hot beer, a BBQ with roasted chestnuts and burgers/hot dogs, to name a few. All of these things are cheap to set up …

Magical Christmas Markets around Europe

The festive season is upon us and with Christmas just around the corner, it is that time of year when we all need to start to think about a gift to give to our loved ones. Why don’t you make this year an extra special one and take your loved one, your family or even just yourself, to one of the many amazing Christmas markets around Europe? There are many of them to choose from. You can wander through the markets where you will be pulled into the Christmas spirit. You will be able to choose from local, handcrafted gifts, or, you can enjoy some mouth-watering Christmas dishes and treats. Whatever you preference and whether alone or with others, you are sure to enjoy the atmosphere. Today I will do a roundup of some of the oldest and best Christmas markets to choose from. Strasbourg – France Strasbourg in eastern France is where you will find one of Europe’s oldest Christmas markets. The first edition of this famous market took place in 1570 and is …

Istanbul – A City Where History and Elegance Meet

Istanbul is a city full of culture and wonder. It is a breathing history around every corner. Once the gateway for the Ottoman empire. Let’s take a look at what is on offer there. What can be done while staying? Perhaps, what cannot. Welcome to Turkey and TomTom suites in The Old Franciscan House, right in the heart of the city.

Llanes -A Traditional Gem On The Northern Coast of Spain

Spain is a country that attracts millions of international visitors every year. But there is more to the country than the Costa Del Sol and Marbella. Away from the west and South coast, there are lush green hills, even more amazing beaches, Cider, National parks and a water sports adventure playground. In Llanes, you will find Hotel Miracielos. Welcome to Asturias..