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5 Best Dance Clubs In Europe

Last Friday we looked at Full Moon Parties in Thailand. This week we are going to look a little closer to home (for some of us at least) and explore the best dance clubs in Europe for an unforgettable experience of dance and culture. I have been to some of them, not all, but be sure to visit if you are ever near any of them and dance the night (or early morning) away until you drop and let us know what you thought of them.

Fabric – London

Renowned as one of the best clubs in the world, Fabric was shut down in 2016. Unsurprisingly, there was uproar when it happened and a group movement #savefabric started. This luckily and to the grace of the people involved in the movement led to its reopening. Since then people have flocked to the club every weekend. This weekend sees a rare visit from Luie Vega. Later this month also sees Fabric celebrate it’s 19th Birthday with a 30 hour non stop music event lasting from Saturday to Monday. Get tickets here.

Fabric - London

Berghain Panorama Bar – Berlin

Again regarded as one of the best clubs in the world, the Berghain Panorama is well known for not allowing phones into the club. Yes, that’s right, phones are banned. Which in my opinion makes it all the better. They also have a renowned door policy, turning away hundreds of people every weekend for reasons only known to the door staff. Loved by DJ’s around the world as one of the best places to play, they usually put a lot of effort into their sets and believe me, it shows. Coming up this weekend is their ‘About Face: 17,000 Roses’ event. For details and tickets see here.

Berghain Panorama Bar - Berlin

Air – Amsterdam

Situated perfectly just off Rembrandt Square in the heart of the city, Air is one club not to miss if you should ever be visiting Amsterdam. With 5 bars, 3 rooms and a Void sound system, you are sure to be blown away. Hoasting some of the worlds best DJ’s regularly void offers up the perfect night out. They have a unique way to store your coats with lockers all over the club rather than a coat room and ticket system. Don’t forget to grab your Air card on the way in because without it you will not be able to buy any drinks at all. Each room feels completely different from the last and they have different music depending on the weekend so be sure to check out what is being played before you visit so as to avoid disappointment.

Air - Amsterdam

Concrete – Paris

Once the place to go for the after party scene, Concrete became so popular that it now spans the entire and is open as long as there are people there to dance thanks to the 24-hour licence granted not long ago by the local authorities. It is actually a boat on the river Seine so beware not to fall off the roof terrace when you are chilling out or smoking a cigarette. Entrance is free before 10 pm but that also means long queues so get there early. With nothing ‘special’ about this club, the focus is on the music and with one of the most impressive DJ booths known around the world, which is a big square in the middle of the dance floor with dancers on all sides. Be sure to check out what is happening when you are near. There is a pretty impressive line up this weekend, details here.

Concrete - Paris

CDLC (Carpe Diem Lounge Club) – Barcelona

This club is one with a difference. During the day CDLC gives you the chance to go and sit on the terrace and sip cocktails, all while overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and enjoying some beautiful views. Once the sun has gone down you can then enjoy some sushi, steak and of course some Mediterranean seafood. You will have service with a smile every time as the staff, quality of food and atmosphere are all top notch. At 11 pm the tables get cleared away to reveal the dance floor and the party really starts. Then you will find DJ’s that feel they can dig out some classics to make your night one to reminisce and remember forever. And fear not, the transition from a restaurant to a club is faultless so you can enjoy an entire day there without worry. Check out all the details here.

CDLC (Carpe Diem Lounge Club) - Barcelona

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  1. Glad you liked the article. Being London born myself I have to agree with you. London always offers up a good party. Steve

  2. Great list of some of the awesome places. London really knows how to show up a great time. Last weekend we went to Fabric for a Hen party and I can’t explain how amazing it was. The best night out I ever had.

  3. Hey! This was excellent! One of the few I have loved to read otherwise most blogs just lose interest of person in half way. This was helpful and I’m going to make most out of it. Good job mate!

  4. This was very informational, don’t know about others but will help me a lot. Hey! New Year’s Eve is coming, where are you plan to celebrate it? I know some London nightclubs, awesome to party at. The NYE ticket booking is going on right now if you’re interested!

  5. I’m living in Barcelona and the Razzmatazz is one of the favorite club of locals and tourists.
    You have also some others nice clubs : Apollo, Bling Bling, Opium or Pacha !

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