7 Netflix Shows to Virtually Transport You to the UK

While the last couple of months may not have been very… chill, at least there was a lot of ‘Netflix’ present. Whether you’re waiting impatiently for travel restrictions to be finally lifted, or you’re not quite ready to take on the world yet, turn your tv on, pick a title, grab a pack of snacks (plus a notebook to write down weekend getaways ideas) and let these shows transport you to some of the UK’s most mesmerising locations. 

Source: ‘Outlander’ on Netflix

1. Outlander: Scotland

Little did Kate suspect that her honeymoon in Scotland would end up being a journey back in… time! Spinning the genres of romance, fantasy, history, and adventure into one epic tale, Outlander features locations that will take your breath away – even if only watched on a screen. It’s no wonder tourism in Scotland flourished after the show’s premiere. 

Let’s start our journey at Falkland. This lovely village, otherwise known as the honeymoon destination of Outlander, lies in Fife, which is only an hour drive from Edinburgh — making it a perfect destination for a weekend getaway. Aside from St Andrew’s Cathedral and Castle, along with an array of museums, the town also offers the chance to taste some genuine Scottish cheese – visit  St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Company for a unique cheese making experience. 
A stone circle that sent Claire back to 1743 marks the beginning of all adventures in the Outlander series. Located just outside the town of Inverness, off the road near Kinloch Rannoch, this spot may as well be the beginning of your journey into the Scottish Highlands. After all, it’s where the famous North Coast 500 starts!

Source: ‘Sex Education’ on Netflix

2. Sex Education: Wales

Meet Otis Milburn, socially awkward and insecure teenager growing up with a mother who is a famous sex therapist. When the boy decides to team up with Maeve, a confident but troubled classmate, to help their fellow students with their sexual problems, you can expect a great deal of humour – all set in the lovely Welsh countryside. 

Wye Valley is a perfect picnic spot and the place where many key locations in Sex Education were filmed. However if you feel like walking more, we recommend a stroll around Caerleon campus – formerly one of the buildings of the University of Wales and a film set for Otis’ high school. 

Source: ‘the end of the f***ing world’ on Netflix

3. The end of the f***ing world: England & Wales

Let the show take you on a road trip around UK’s most stunning locations; picturesque yet not an easy journey following James, a 17-year-old who believes himself to be a psychopath, and his schoolmate Alyssa. 

Few residential buildings can pride themselves on playing such versatile roles in just one show, but that’s exactly what happened with Bramshill House: once James and Alyssa hit the road, a number of places they find themselves in (police station, motel, Clive’s bedroom and the school dining hall) are in fact all situated in this Jacobean mansion from the early 17th century near Hook, Hampshire. But we wouldn’t make you travel that far just to see one house – be sure to check the stunning beaches just a few minutes drive from the village. 

Source: ‘Bridgerton’ on Netflix

4. Bridgerton: England

Another popular Netflix show takes us back to 1813. Drama, romance, intrigue and betrayal all dressed up in exquisite costumes – the series is a feast (not only) for the eyes. 

Visit Painshill Park in Cobham, Surrey, to see for yourself where scenes of promenading and picnicking were filmed. This classic 18th-century landscape, filled with follies, bridges and lakes still remains a perfect spot (not only) for weekend picnicking.

Source: ‘Enola Holmes’ on Netflix

5. Enola Holmes: England

Did you know that Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister inherited all the “detective-y” traits of the Sherlock family? This extremely intelligent girl takes viewers on a journey around various enchanting (and mysterious) England’s locations, all starting with Arley Railway Station. The unchanged appearance is intentional: many old train stations in England are operated as parts of “heritage lines”, meaning the trains and stations are maintained today to appear as they would have a hundred (or more) years ago. While waiting for the train to depart, we recommend you grab a coffee or two from a coffee shop in Arley village – you won’t regret it! 

Source: ‘The Crown’ on Netflix

6. The Crown: England

There could definitely be a guidebook based on The Crown’s filming locations. But one spot we found particularly interesting was Windsor Castle – a place of many key moments for the series. In The Crown, Belvoir Castle and Burghley House are both locations for Windsor Castle. Regency house Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire, provides many of the interiors of Windsor Castle throughout the drama.

Source: ‘Derry Girls’ on Netflix

7. Derry Girls: Northern Ireland

Don’t we all wonder what it would be like to travel back in time?
Well, this show has made that dream a little easier. Not only can you experience the ups and downs of student life one more time, but also see for yourself what life in Northern Ireland in the 90’s looked (and felt) like. 

The show was filmed mostly in Belfast (a must visit for all Titanic fans, since the ship was built in Belfast’s dockyards) and Derry. We recommend you grab your camera and head on a small location-hunt walk. Not good with a map? Worry not and check the dedicated walks bookable here: https://britmovietours.com/bookings/derry-girls-tour/ 

P.S Did you know that Amazon’s Prime The Fall was filmed here too?!

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