UAE – A land of record-breaking wonders

If you would like to visit Arabia, a land rich in history and tradition, we highly recommend you visit the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the most captivating places in the region. 

The United Arab Emirates is an absolute federal monarchy in Western Asia and borders Oman and Saudi Arabia by land, as well as Qatar and Iran by sea. The UAE is a constitutional federation of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Umm al-Quwain and Ras al-Khaimah. It has a population of over 9 million. However, only around 1.5 million of them are, in fact, Emirati. The rest of them are expatriates.

The capital of UAE is Abu Dhabi. However, the largest city is Dubai. Both are known for their skyscrapers and futuristic landscapes. The official religion of the UAE is Islam, and its official language is Arabic. With the 7th largest oil reserves in the world, it is a very rich country where you can find opulent resorts, ultra-modern architecture and innovative mega-building projects.

United Arab Emirates

Recording breaking structures garner world appeal

Only a small part of the country’s population is Emirati. The country’s net migration rate is, in fact, the highest in the World. And that is not the only record the UAE holds. This country is famous for breaking the records. And it is doing that in more than just one category. Starting from, of course, the architecture. It is no secret that Dubai is the home of the World’s tallest building -Burj Khalifa. That, on the other hand, enables plenty of other records, such as the highest BASE jump from a building and the creation of the world’s most elevated observation deck. Dubai is also the home to the tallest hotel and the tallest residential building on Earth.

But UAE owns many other records. Art-wise it hosted the largest water projection light show and largest fireworks display. It is the home to the longest painting and longest graffiti scroll. And – the World’s tallest chocolate sculpture.

Burj Khalifa

Abu Dhabi

When talking about the United Arab Emirates, it is impossible not to mention its capital – Abu Dhabi. The city lies on a T-shape island on the Persian Gulf. It is the perfect combination of skyscrapers and historical sites. The Yas Island or the many futuristic buildings are a true treat for modern-style enthusiasts. On the other hand, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque or Al-Hosn Fort (the oldest building in the city) will be ideal for those who enjoy different styles.

On top of the architecture, the city has plenty of attractions to entertain both locals and visitors. Gorgeous beaches and many theme parks will keep you busy and happy. And if you are a car enthusiast, make sure you visit the Ferrari World. You will not be disappointed!

On top of it, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has some fantastic places for relaxation. One of the most popular is the Liwa Oasis, famous for its sand dunes.

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Abu Dhabi


The largest city in the UAE is also its most popular tourist destination. And no wonder. It is, actually, the place where most of the record-breaking buildings and art pieces are—starting from the famous Burj Al Arab – the only 7-star hotel in the world, of course. But that is just a cherry on top.

The shopping lovers can spend hours inside the Dubai Mall – the largest in the World by area. And if you do not like shopping but are forced to go inside? Do not worry! There are hundreds of attractions waiting for you inside. One of them is the Dubai Aquarium which is – you guessed it – the largest suspended aquarium in the world.

When you are done shopping, you can head to the Dubai Marina (of course, the largest artificial marina on Earth). There, you can sit in one of the many cafes and bars or simply have a long walk, admiring all of the boats and yachts you’ll see on the way.

Speaking of man-made and records – you have to see the Palm Islands. Those are the largest artificial islands in the world. And they truly are impressive, adding over 500 km to the city’s coastline. They are so big that they are among a few places created by man that can be seen from space!

Another amazing artificial creation is the World Islands. The name is fairly self-explanatory. These 300 artificial islands together form a shape of a world map. While you can’t see it from the sea level, it is visible from the Burj Khalifa.

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One place that often gets overlooked but should be given more credit is the Emirate of Ajman. The smallest of the seven emirates is the perfect place for a weekend getaway, especially if you are staying in Dubai, 10 km away.

One of the best places to visit when in Ajman is its museum. Once a fortress, now it showcases how life looked like in the area centuries ago. It is a true gem for the archaeology geeks.

Despite it being the smallest emirate, Ajman still owns a record. This time for the world’s largest dhow-building centre. The Dhow Yard is one of its most popular attractions. On top of that, its coastline has some of the prettiest beaches in the UAE.

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Another one of my favourite destinations in the UAE is the city of Sharjah. The third largest city in the country is truly a must-see.

The first place on your list should be the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization. It is the perfect location to learn more about Islamic culture and art. It will give you a better understanding of the land you are visiting and appreciate its many wonders.

Speaking of art, make sure you head down to the Rain Room. The Random International’s installation recently opened in Sharjah. It gives the visitors a chance to walk through the rain without getting wet. It is a fascinating combination of art and science that will leave you speechless.

And don’t forget to go to the Al Majaz Waterfront. Located in the city’s heart, it is ideal for some leisure time. It offers both beautiful landscapes and amazing architecture in one perfect mix. Among its most popular attractions are the Sharjah Musical Fountain, a gorgeous mosque, the Maraya Art Park, and many more.

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The United Arab Emirates is an amazing land, full of futuristic cities contrasting with old Islamic influences. It is surely worth visiting.

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