Autumn Travels – Where and Why?

Summer is slowly saying goodbye, the leaves change colors and the temperature starts to go down. Before you get sad, remember that this means the time for autumn travels is here! What is that? Where should you go? Keep reading and I will answer those questions.

Pros of autumn travels

The first questions you are probably asking yourself is why. Why is autumn a better time to travel the world than summer? Generally, it depends on your preferences. People love traveling in autumn because there are significantly fewer tourists than in the summertime. Also, it is a perfect time to travel to some of the “hot” countries, as some people are not used to their hot climate and autumn is the only time that traveling there is bearable. In a way, you can spend your autumn vacations in a place where it will feel mostly just like summer. Only you will not be overwhelmed by the number of tourists. Isn’t that a win?


Generally speaking, I could just tell you that all of Europe is worth seeing in autumn. However, that would not be very helpful, so I decided to narrow it down to some countries.
Our first destination of choice for autumn travels in Italy. The breathtaking country in the south of Europe will be a perfect spot for your vacation. The climate of Italy can be hard to take during the summertime with temperatures reaching sometimes over 40 degrees Celsius. If you wait a month or two though, you will get a summer weather with more bearable temperatures. Additionally, all of the beautiful places you want to see will be less crowded.

autumn travels


Another great destination for autumn travels is definitely Poland. There is a term that functions in this country “A gold Polish autumn”. The climate of the country makes the autumn one of the best and most beautiful times for Poland. All of the leaves turn red, yellow and brown, making everything so colorful. Additionally, if you choose to travel in early autumn, you might be lucky enough to catch some of the last really warm days. Our recommendation is to visit Krakow in autumn, as it is one of the most popular cities to visit not only in the country but in all of Europe. That way, again, you will be able to see everything the city has to offer with less of a crowd around you.


Germany is another country that I personally think is worth adding to your autumn travels, but for a different reason than the rest we mentioned. Of course, you will also profit from the less-crowded-situation, but the biggest reason we think you should go there is the huge German beer festival – Oktoberfest. This celebration of beer along with a traveling funfair is an occasion not to miss. Famous in all of Europe, if not the world, it brings thousands of people together to have fun and see the folk celebration that also takes place during Oktoberfest. The festival lasts for at least two full weeks, so you could be flexible with your preferred dates. I highly recommend to at least consider this as your destination.

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Are you not fully ready to give up on sunbathing, even though the summer season is slowly coming to an end? If so, Israel, and especially Tel Aviv, would be perfect for your autumn travels. Why? First of all, the summer is not ending there as fast as in the countries more to the north. The seashore that will remind you of French rivieras is still in full mode of summer, with high temperatures and the sun shining. If you would get tired of the beaches, you can always check out the seashore promenades with many adorable restaurants serving Mediterranean food. We are sure that this is the kind of autumn vacation many will love.


Mostly focused on the region of the Lake Ontario, the Canadian autumn is like a colorful transformation for the land that occurs between September and October. The green trees turn to the colors and make the whole forests look like the most amazing impressionist paintings. If you want to enjoy the Canadian autumn to the fullest, book a flight to Toronto around October and drive away from the busy city to Algonquin Provincial Park. This huge national park will offer you totally breathtaking views of the Canadian autumn. River, lakes, forests, all you could want in your perfect picture with colors so beautiful, you will start wondering whether they are real.

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Of course, there are also people who fully despise high temperature. We fully understand how tiring the heat wave can be. That’s why we think that Siberia and its capital city, Novosibirsk, could actually be a great destination for traveling in autumn. Why? European time of autumn is the short period of time when Siberia goes through the Indian Summer and holds on to the last warmer rays of the sun. This time of the year makes the city of Novosibirsk even more beautiful. The Opera and Ballet Theatre, the biggest one in the whole country, is something amazing to see in the light of the September sun. Also, you can join the brave people of Novosibirsk who choose to take a swim in the Ob river or just bring a blanket and sit by the river, enjoying the beauty of the wild Siberia.

Hopefully, you were inspired by this article to try autumn travels. If so, choose your destination wisely so that you fully enjoy the time and get everything you want from your trip. Additionally, let us help with your dreamy accommodation.

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