The Most Beautiful Christmas Markets In Europe

Since it is already December, in case you’re planning a winter trip we’ve decided to show you some of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe!



The Advent Fair at the Basilica has definitely earned a place on this list. With vendors on Saint Stephen’s Square selling the products of almost eighty craftsmen in the fairy-tale huts, the Basilica illuminated with colourful lights and a great number of events such as handicraft workshops, cultural events and concerts, it won’t disappoint even the most picky visitors!


With the theme of Winter Wonders in Brussels this magnificent market is definitely one to see! With festive atmosphere, delicious food, great activities and fairy-tale lighting it is not a surprise that for many tourists it is one of the main reasons to visit Brussels. And the ice-skating rink and a Christmas Parade make it simply perfect.


With a tall Christmas tree in the middle of the city’s historic main square and little houses covered in lights surrounding it, it is truly a gorgeous view. At the spot you can buy local folk craft products and delicacies. It is sure to put you in the right spirit!


Between mid-November and Christmas many of the most beautiful squares in the city transform into Christmas markets, making them even more breathtaking. The most popular one is located on the City Hall Square “Vienna Magic of Advent” that creates almost a fairy-tale atmosphere. With decorations and a smell of freshly baked christmas pastry it creates a wonderful experience!


Unlike some of the other markets on our list this one is definitely more familiar, but that is exactly what makes it so special. The unique atmosphere of the Prague’s Old Town Square makes Christmas market located there absolutely stunning. Visitors can enjoy traditional food and drinks while admiring the beauty of the market and the historical center of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.


All together there are 11 Christmas markets in the city, and each one of them is absolutely stunning. Each one of them has a unique atmosphere and a intimate flair you are sure to enjoy. You will have a hard time choosing between them, but if you can only see one try the Striezelmarkt, one of the largest markets in the whole country, and also the oldest one!


Whichever market you choose you will most definitely love the wonderful spirit and magical atmosphere you will find there. After all, don’t we all love Christmas?

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