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The Most Beautiful French Cities


It is undoubtful that France is a beautiful country, but just how beautiful is it? Today we will showcase a few of its most amazing cities and hopefully give you an inspiration for your next trip! Let’s go.



We couldn’t make such list and not include The City of Lights. Paris is the most visited city in the World for a reason and the reason is how beautiful and vibrant it is. With such incredible buildings as the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral or the Louvre you keep on falling in love with it. With many beautiful parks, the Champs Elysees, the museums and galleries and of course the amazing restaurants not only will you never get bored, but you will also keep discovering more reasons to keep on coming back.


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The third largest city in France is for many the most beautiful one. It has the soul that many cities lack. Its historical center has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List and has plenty wonderful gothic and renaissance buildings such as La basilique de Notre-Dame de Fourviere, the Saint-Jean-Baptiste cathedral, the Grand Mosque, many wonderful museums, squares and many many more. The city also has a few gorgeous viewing points from which you can see the Lyon as a whole. 





Moving all the way to the North we have yet another pearl in France’s crown – Lille. From the Grand Place to the Notre-Dame-de-la-Treille its architecture doesn’t cease to astonish all of the visitors. For all the peace lovers there are many lovely little streets all around the city where you can take a second to breath, and if you love art you have to visit Musee d’Art Moderne or Palais des Beax Arts and admire the beautiful exhibitions inside. With lovely cafes and bakeries as well as great restaurants with traditional dishes it is a perfect holiday destination.





Located in the beautiful mouth of the Garonne river and connected through it to the ocean it is an important port city. It is also an incredibly important region of the country with its historical center signed up to the UNESCO World Heritage List. With over 350 different monuments located all around the city it is full of beauty. At its center is the gorgeous Quinconces Place with wonderful Monument des Girondins, Place Gambetta and Place Pey-Berland. The city is also the perfect place for the students with many bars and pubs as well as the food lovers with wonderful restaurants at almost every corner. And we cannot talk about Bordeaux and not mention wine. If you love this beverage you have to visit this amazing city!





Known as the „capital of the Alps” this gorgeous city can never disappoint its visitors. Not only is it one of the biggest scholar centers of the country (the city has been called by the “Time” the one of the main cities in the scientific area) but it is also truly lovely with tens of beautiful buildings all around it. From the Bastille through the Archeological Museum to the amazing Parc Naturel Regional du Vercors it is simply wonderful. Whether you like sightseeing, going for long walks surrounded by nature or simply going out and meeting great people Grenoble will surely have something for you!





Another absolutely beautiful french city, Strasbourg is the soul everybody looks for when travelling. An amazing old town perfect to wander around with small streets and lots of cute shops and cafes, and of course an amazing architecture all around it as well as the Notre Dame Cathedral with details to die and the magnificent stained glass windows and the La Petite France district with its original houses and the medieval, nearly magical atmosphere are just a few reasons to see this city. While it is not as well known as some of the other cities on our list, it is absolutely worth visiting!


France has plenty to offer for all the visitors. No matter the type of holidays you enjoy you will definitely find something just perfect in this amazing country. So pack your bags and give it a try! You will not be disappointed.

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