How to Benefit from the Big Events?


Fifa World Cup, Carnival, Olympic Games – these are just a few occasions that cause a rise in tourism. Whether they are seasonal or it is a one time opportunity for the city, the important thing is to know how to handle the people coming and how to benefit from the whole event.

Follow the Celebration

One way of gaining benefit and new clients is to follow the celebrations that are happening in the city. If you are a hotelier in Russia, you can make sure that during the World Cup in your lobby or hotel bar there is a TV that will always show the currently ongoing game. Maybe you have a hotel in Rio de Janeiro? Try hanging the decorations that will remind people of Carnival and maybe consider playing a little of samba music in your lobby or hotel restaurant. Another idea: try to organise a carnival evening – hire a band or dancers to get the party started and then watch how people join. Taking these kinds of actions will show your guests that you are in fact aware of what is going on outside your business and why do your guests come to your city. They will for sure appreciate it and remember the place they were staying in.


Every hotel needs some marketing to enlarge their revenue. Why not combining advertisements and celebration? There is always a way to make an ad for your hotel that goes with the atmosphere of the celebration that is currently happening. Olympic Games or Fifa World Cup? Make sure to focus on the sports centre that you have in your hotel. Music festival? Often, the people looking for accommodation during some type of event focus on the distance between the hotel and the place of the festival. Benefit from it! Show how easy it is to get from your hotel to the festival or that any type of public transport is close to you. We guarantee that the results you get will make you happy.


You don’t want to organize anything special in your hotel? Or maybe there is no way to help people celebrate? If that is the case, you can always try to find a place that will help you with this matter. Let’s look at the Fifa World Cup. If there is no way to broadcast the games in your hotel, you can always make a deal with bars and pubs located nearby. Meet with their owners and try to figure out the best way for your cooperation. Maybe it’s putting up their ads in your hotel rooms or giving out discount cards for every guest arriving in the time of the World Cup? The choice is yours, but the level of benefit might be very surprising. Your guests will remember that even though they couldn’t really celebrate their teams in your hotel, you came up with the idea for them to enjoy the games and helped them find the best places to do so.



Avoid the celebration

Another option for you is creating an oasis for people who don’t want to participate in celebrations. Are you a manager of a Pyongchang hotel? Don’t bother with broadcasting the games. If there is a big football game of your country’s team – do not play it on every TV visible for the guests. Try to make it possible for them to run away from all of the buzz. Not everyone coming to your city during some type of big event wants to celebrate. Some people just didn’t know that the date they picked is actually in the middle of some type of festival. You can also help them – tell them about places that will not be crowded during the event, let them know where the nearest spa is, etc. This will show the guests that you indeed care about them and know how to help them no matter what they need. It is something they will remember for a long time and you will for sure benefit from a good review of your hotel.


Don’t change

However weird it may sound, you could actually benefit from keeping on doing what you do best. Do not act out on any type of event, just stay neutral. If people come to your hotel and want to celebrate, show them the places that do so. When a guest asks what places will bring him some peace as he is not interested in celebrations – be of service too! Do not focus on changing your hotel to the small centre of the event but do not avoid it either. There will probably be both types of people accommodated in your hotel, so try to please both of them too. The guests will remember you and the staff working in your hotel as helpful and knowledgeable people. Also, when they come back, there will be glad to see the familiar place.

Of course, you have to decide yourself what you are going to do. You, as a hotelier, know your hotel best, you know the city and the people living there. Adjust your actions to the place you are in and to the characteristics of the event. Not every way will work for you, so make research, brainstorm and figure out what will you most benefit from.

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