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Best Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Destinations

As summer is slowly approaching, the busiest wedding season is upon us. Before the wedding, there are of course bachelor and bachelorette parties. If you are in need of inspiration as to which place to choose, we are here to help you. Here’s the list of the best bachelor and bachelorette party destinations.

Las Vegas, USA

The first party destination we would like to talk about is the amazing city of Las Vegas. Whereas you know it from movies, TV shows or urban legends, the image you have in mind is probably true. It is a spot for both luxurious weekend-long celebration and not-so-pricey night out. Of course, the not-so-pricey part depends on how much money would you spend on a blackjack table. We recommend Las Vegas if you want to really experience the nightlife or wish to see if the legends are true. We are sure that whether you are a bachelor or a bachelorette you will dance your heart out and have one of the best parties of your whole life. Way to celebrate your wedding!

New Orleans, USA

Do you like jazz and/or bourbon? New Orleans is a dream place for your bachelor/bachelorette. Live music shows in the place where this genre was born and Bourbon bars await you. You don’t like those? We are still sure New Orleans is another great spot for your party. The legendary French Quarter, famous Bourbon Street, all of that along with an incredible nightlife wait for you in this special city. If you chose Bourbon Street, make some preparations. People say it is a 13-block area with parties going on for 24 hours per day. If that’s what you are looking for in bachelor and bachelorette party, the big party you will always remember, then New Orleans is a dream spot for your celebrations.

bachelor and bachelorette party

Hvar, Croatia

Now, we are moving from an American to what is considered to be the best Adriatic island for this type of a party – Hvar. It is a Croatian island famous for its summertime resorts. If you wish for your bachelor/bachelorette to be more about relaxing, spending time with friends and lazily sitting in on a beach or beside the hotel pool, this spot is just right for you. If you get tired of sitting by the pool or simply wish to see more of the Adriatic islands, you can always book a boat excursion to Pakleni Islands. They are a great destination too, with their secluded beaches and coves. We recommend Hvar, if your vision of bachelor/bachelorette doesn’t focus on drinking all night long in a bar or participating in pub crawls. Sometimes the best thing you can do to celebrate your upcoming wedding is just getting some rest.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Next one is the city that is generally famous for its partying climate. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is a go-to destination for all the people who go to have fun. With its cafes, bars and party spots, you can be sure you won’t be bored there. Be careful though, as the streets and canals of Amsterdam are very similar to each other. Make sure that there is at least one person in your group, who is perfectly capable of finding your hotel when you get a little lost. Of course, the city has much more to offer than just party spots. If you want to see it, grab a bike, hop on a bus or just walk around its beautiful streets to take that atmosphere in.

bachelor and bachelorette party

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Moving away from Europe, we would like to tell you about Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. This beautiful city is mostly known for the picturesque beaches and a great nightlife. Besides that, the city can offer you parasailing, windsurfing and whale watching, to give you some examples. Moreover, this spot is also popular, because it is a fairly inexpensive location when compared to others in the region. So, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on this particular celebration, but still wish to just have some fun, Cabo San Lucas will be a perfect bachelor and bachelorette party destination.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

The capital and the largest city of Puerto Rico, San Juan, is another fabulous place for a bachelor and bachelorette party. There are plenty party spots, of course, but we recommend taking some time and have a different kind of fun. What can you also do to enjoy your time in San Juan? Well, for example, you can spend some time in Ocean Park Beach or choose to go snorkeling in the clear waters of the ocean. With the exotic beaches and other aspects of the Caribbean, restaurants with the amazing foods and clubs open until so late it’s already early, we are completely sure you will be happy with what it city has to offer. It will for sure be a perfect destination for a bachelor and bachelorette party.

bachelor and bachelorette party

London, United Kingdom

To end our list, we go back to Europe. Our last proposition is London, the capital of the United Kingdom. We already told you what to see in the city and we highly recommend doing that also in this occasion. However, the city is a multicultural mix of fun, history, tradition and modernism. That’s why you should not worry about being bored in this amazing city. Whether you are more into the higher-level restaurants or on the contrary, the traditional pubs or bars, we are sure that a bachelor and bachelorette party in this city will be an amazing idea. You will not be bored and have hundreds of ways to celebrate the upcoming wedding.

Since the wedding season is approaching, we hope that the list of these destinations helped you a little. Here in Bidroom, we believe that you can successfully combine your passion for travel with a celebration like this. Have fun at your party and be sure to check out our website for your accommodation. We will try our best to help you save money on your hotel.

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