Best Destinations For Autumn in Europe

Autumn is slowly coming to an end, so we wanted to give you a few ideas for how to make the best use of the last moments of this wonderful season!


The capital of Portugal is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and in Autumn it gets a special glow that makes it simply breathtaking. The weather gets perfect for sightseeing, while still wearing t-shirt and shorts, and the sunsets seen from one of many viewpoints are more than enough to make you fall in love.


Paris is of course beautiful, but there is something very special about Lyon, especially in the fall. One of the largest cities in France, it has a certain charm, often uncommon for big cities. The historical part of the city was enlisted as the UNESCO World Heritage Site and it definitely earned that title. You will be blown away by the view of the city when the autumn sun touches the roofs of the buildings.


Once the capital, now the cultural center of the country, this wonderful polish city is simply perfect for an autumn trip. The castle, the riverside, the parks, all of it makes for the most beautiful scenery, and with trees changing colours it is a view to remember. After all, Poles do call it the “Golden Polish Autumn”!


This spanish city is probably one of the most beautiful places of its region, and one of our favourite cities in the country. It is full of sand-coloured buildings that look like magic in the autumn sun. And just wait until you see the Alhambra, with mountains in the distance and orange and red trees around it, you will never forget such a view!


We could make this list and not include Scotland. We would actually recommend you to go on a tour around the country, but since we’re focusing on the cities we chose Edinburgh. This gorgeous, slightly mysterious city will enchant you, and the area around the city, with cliffs, castles and hills, especially in Autumn, will make you never want to leave.


Last but definitely not least, we wanted to add even more sun to our list! Dubrovnik is beautiful all-year-round, but Autumn is probably the best time to visit this wonderful city. Located along the Adriatic Coast it is one of the best European coastal cities and Autumn is the time when it is still wonderfully warm, but without hundreds of tourists on every step, so that you can calmly enjoy the scenery where the ocean meets the mountains.


Those are just a few of our picks. Europe has thousands of wonderful locations perfect for Autumn. All you have to do is discover them!

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