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Best Destinations To Keep You Warm In January

January to many is a month of snow and very little sun, but in many places around the World it is the warmest month with wonderful weather and perfect conditions for travelling, so today we will talk about some of the best warm destinations for Winter escapes!


The Carribean

January is actually the busiest month in this part of the globe. And while the prices may be a little high, it is definitely worth it to splurge a little to see the white beaches, crystal clear water and incredible atmophere of the Carribean!



As the best month in terms of weather January makes visiting Colombia even better than it already would have been, with very warm, but not overly hot mornings and incredibly pleasent evenings. There is also nearly zero rainfall so you will be as comfortable as ever!



While January is slightly hotter in Argentina then in other countries on our list we simply had to include this beautiful country on our list. With plenty wonderful cities to explore and incredibly welcoming people you will love every minute of it. And after all, it should be warm when you’re dancing tango, shouldn’t it?


Canary Islands

For those who want to travel in Europe these spanish islands may just be the perfect choice. While they are not as warm as other places in the World during the month of January they are still warmer than most places on the continent and also absolutely stunning. Located just off the coast of Africa they have a very pleasant weather, even if you may need a jumper at night.



With warm sunny days and mild nights and plenty wonderful places to explore Thailand is a wonderful travel destination for any type of traveller, whether you are seeking for beautiful buddhist temples or great beaches, this country has it all, and January is one of the best months to discover it!



If you want to see the famous Angkor Wat, then January is the best time to do it! While other months are usually too hot or too humid to visit the entire comlex in one strech January allows you to do that! While it is the peak season in the country this time it might actually be worth it!


Of course as always these are just a few options from a very long list, but our goal is to show just how many wonderful places there are, even in the middle of the winter!

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