Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is almost here, so we’ve decided to tell you about some of the best places to celebrate it from all around the World!


New York City

An obvious choice for this list, the Big Apple is one of the places where New Year’s Eve is taken very seriously and celebrated with splendor. And while in New York you have to go to the Times Square and experience the countdown with million other people and see famous musicians and of course the ball drop. It will surely be a night to remember!



Not only is it one of the first places where the clock strikes midnight, but it is also famous for being the city with the biggest fireworks show in the World! Sydney is beautiful all-year-round but on New Year’s Eve it gets that much more wonderful. And let’s not forget that January is actually one of the hottest months in Australia, so you’re not only getting a huge party but also perfect weather!


Rio De Janeiro

New Year’s Eve is the second best celebration in Rio after the Carnival, and still, even as a runner-up it is absolutely spectacular. The party on the Copacabana Beach is probably the wildest New Year’s Eve party in the World with over two million people attending it each year. The celebration also involves live performances, fireworks and of course lots and lots of dancing!



There is a good reason why it is called The City of Lights, and during this most festive night of the year everyone can see clearly where did the name come from, when the Eiffel Tower becomes the center of the wonderful lightshow and fireworks display. And of course as one of the cities with the best restaurants in the World it is also perfect for a romantic New Year’s Eve dinner, after all it is also the City of Love!



Since it is known for its parties the New Year’s Eve in Berlin has to be something big. And it is, with concerts, fireworks and the famous “Party Mile” – a two-kilometer stretch of bars, party tents, food stands and music shows. You will definitely not get bored if you choose this wild city as your destination!


Las Vegas

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, and that is probably why it is such a perfect New Year’s Eve destination! With an immense number of clubs, bars, music shows, laser shows and many many other activities it is simply a dream destination! And with the Las Vegas Strip transformed into a giant street party with live bands, pyrotechnic displays, and laser shows there are not many better places for the last party of the year!


Hong Kong

With one of the most beautiful skylines in the World, Hong Kong is the place to see during New Year’s Eve. With an impressive  display of fireworks and its grand finale – a pyrotechnic dragon dancing above the buildings the city offers a breathtaking show. You can enjoy your time on the streets, in restaurants, on rooftops or even on boats! This beautiful city will definitely not disappoint you.


No matter where you decide to spend your New Year’s Eve, whether it will be a big celebration or a casual meeting with friends, remember that all that matters is to enjoy that last night of the year, think of what you are grateful for and make some amazing plans for the next year (and make sure to include some travel destinations on your 2017 bucket list!).

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