Best places in the World to watch a sunset

Most travelers make sure to include watching the sunset at a new destination in their plans.

It is always a special experience that can make every trip better. Today we will introduce you to some of the best places in the World to admire it!

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

This temple complex in Cambodia and the largest religious monument in the world is already mesmerizing on its own, but during the sunset, it gets a certain glow that makes the site simply magical.




Grand Canyon, USA

As one of the World’s biggest natural wonders, the Grand Canyon is most certainly one of the most impressive places on Earth. It becomes especially breathtaking during the sunset, when its colors change to dark orange, making it that much more beautiful.




The Serengeti, Tanzania

It is almost as if you are now playing a role in the brand new Lion King movie. The views are incredible and wild animals roaming the area make it feel almost surreal.





Santorini, Greece

One of the most charming places in Europe is perfect for a romantic getaway, and nothing says romance like watching the sunset. And sunsets on Santorini are definitely perfect for all the couples seeking something special to make their trip memorable.




Uluru, Australia

This over 300 m high rock formation in the central part of Australia stands alone in the middle of the vast desert. During the sunset, it turns dark orange, almost red, which makes it stand out even more and leave an even bigger impression on the tourists visiting it, especially for the first time.




Waikiki, Hawaii

Once a playground for Hawaiian royalty this world-famous neighborhood of Honolulu definitely earned the spot on our list. Palm trees make the scenery truly exotic and the blue waters reflect last rays of the sun making the whole experience unforgettable.




The Sahara Desert

Last, but definitely not least. The sunset on the Sahara Desert is an out of this world experience. You are being surrounded by an open space so big it feels unreal, and when the sun starts to set, making everything around look as if it is on fire, it truly takes your breath away.




So whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or simply another point to add to your bucket list, the sunsets are always worth watching!


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