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Best Winter Destinations For The Snow Lovers

Last week we spoke about perfect destinations for all of you who enjoy the sun and warmth, so today we wanted to address those of you who enjoy the snow and like the cold. So here are some of the best destinations for all of you winter lovers!


New York

There are few places as charming as New York during Winter. With snow covering the streets the Big Apple becomes somehow more accessible. The Central Park, Times Square, Empire State Building, they all look so much more beautiful this time of the year. So put on your hat and gloves and enjoy your walk through The City.



The capital and the largest city of Norway is simply a perfect Winter destination. While it is definitely very, very cold it is also absolutely stunning. Located between the Oslofjord and hundreds of square kilometres of forests it is not only a home of beautiful nature but also some incredible architecture and great restaurants and bars. You won’t even feel the cold while exploring it!



One of the most beautiful canadian cities is a perfect place for a winter getaway. And the city loves snow. There is even a Winter Carnival taking place in Quebec with the Ice Palace, snow sculptures and many many more. And the city itself is so lovely, especially in snow, that you won’t even need any additional attractions to absolutely love it!



The capital and largest city of Iceland it is the world’s northernmost capital of a sovereign state, which means it is cold, very cold. But it is also absolutely beautiful. There are only a few countries as gorgeous in Winter as Iceland and its capital definitely proves it. With great art and music scene, delicious food and great nightlife you can be sure that boredom will leave your dictionary during your stay there. And if the cold scares you remember that Reykjavik has many geothermal springs to keep you warm!



This lovely city located in the Swiss Alps is most certainly one of the best Winter destinations out there. While charming atmosphere of the city with historical houses, old city walls and bridges that make it a view to remember are all absolutely wonderful, what will surely take your breath away are the surroundings of the city, since Lucerne is located in between the mountains such as Pilatus, Stanserhorn or Rigi. Lake Lucerne completes this absolutely beautiful picture. You will not be disappointed!



The capital of Austria remains lively even in the Winter. While it is always absolutely stunning, with beautiful architecture, many great museums and food to die for, it gains something special in this time of the year. With a layer of snow covering the streets and roofs it looks simply magical. And if you need a minute to rest or simply get worm, you can hide in one of its charming cafes. And let’s not forget about the ice skating rinks scattered around the city for those who want to stay a little bit more active!


So many people fear Winter or even claim to hate it, but we should not forget about how beautiful it can be. Instead of complaining about the cold we should all embrace it and just like when we were children fall in love with this season once again!

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