Bidroom Around the World: 2019 Mid-Year Update

We’ve been to some places, seen some things. Wouldn’t you like to know?

Germany: ITB Berlin | 6 to 10 March

Hundreds of the travel industry’s most passionate representatives all gathered under one roof? Ahh, our people. This not-so-little trip gave us a chance to connect with nearly 3,300 hotels, and put us directly in touch with over 260 hotel representatives from big-name chains like Choice Hotels, Rotana Hotels, and H10. Our sales team is still catching their breath.

READ MORE: Couldn’t make it, but having some serious FOMO? We got you.

UAE: Arabian Travel Market Trade Show in Dubai | 28 April to 1 May

This one’s a destination our Bidroom Bus couldn’t reach as easily as with ITB, but we were determined to get our sock-branded feet in the door to *the* biggest travel trade show in the MEA. Mohammed, our Country Manager, and Szymon, our Marketing Manager represented Bidroom at the Arabian Travel Market Trade Show in Dubai.

Switzerland: Schweizer Ferientag (Official Swiss Holiday event, organized by in Lucerne | 23 & 24 April

We don’t just soak up the sun in the Middle East—we also spread the love in Europe. Marcin, our Director of Operations, led two breakout sessions at this annual Swiss tourism event, where he discussed how Bidroom’s core philosophy benefits travellers, hoteliers, and the business itself. It’s no wonder the sessions were titled—wait for it—Win-Win-Win

Thanks to our participation at this event, we connected with many European hoteliers, tourism boards, congress organisations, and public transportation companies who got to learn about our humble ambition to disrupt the European hospitality industry as we know it. 

READ MORE: Feeling particularly nerdy? Check out all the conference presentation slides here (we know you’re just dying to see Marcin’s at #21).

Spain: E-Commerce Summit in Barcelona | 20 May

An exclusive, invite-only event for global retailers and brands? And it’s held in Barcelona? Um, yes please! Happy to report Bidroom was well represented here, and that’s exactly how we like it. Here are just a few of the topics we were so excited to nerd out on:

  • Game changers: business models and companies that are flipping the industry on its head
  • New marketing: from influencers, to AI, to content marketing
  • How to increase profits by optimising the way we use data
  • The rise of the marketplace: a trend no brand or retailer can ignore

UK: EyeforTravel Digital Strategy Summit in London | 21 & 22 May

Look mom, we’re famous! Michael Ros, our COO and co-founder, was invited to speak at this hallmark European digital strategy event. He talked about current changes in the membership economy, the future of the travel industry, and the importance of customer experience.

Sweden: Nordic High-Tech Travel Expo in Stockholm | 23 May

This unique event brings the hospitality industry together to explore new technical solutions for common, time-tested-and-true problems. Caroline, our Business Development Director, along with Maurizio, our CTO, were there to discuss the current and upcoming changes affecting the hospitality industry—and how we as an industry can best get ahead of them. 

Italy: Arts and Events 100 Italian Cities in Bologna | 30 May to 1 June

Workshops, seminars, conferences—all of the things. (Things that relate to tourism, the arts, and culture, that is…)

Spain (again!): Customer Loyalty and Retention Summit in Barcelona (… again) | 4 to 6 June

We’re not done just yet. Another place, another conference—of course we’re there, front row and centre. This time, we explored many head-scratchers, conversation-starters, and deep questions to ponder, such as:

  • What’s the outlook for the future of technology when it comes to securing customer loyalty? 
  • How do we enhance customer loyalty in an omnichannel environment? 
  • What makes different customer segments loyal? 
  • How do you involve your customers in your loyalty strategy—and how can you enhance loyalty without a structured loyalty program? 

Besides contemplating the different aspects of customer loyalty, we scoped out new alliances with loyalty programs in the telecom, travel, and finance sectors.

Pssst… Got questions? 

We’ve got answers. (Or at least we can Google who might have the answers—like, really, really fast.)

Whew, all that and we’re not even in July yet? *Wipes sweat off brow* You better believe we have a frequent flyer plan. Or two. (Or three.)

Where will we see you next?

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