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How Bidroom brings profit to your accommodation

Registering your accommodation at is the first step to greatness. Here’s a quick rundown on how we enable you to make the most of your subscription.

Commission-free bookings is where it all starts. Paying high commission rates for bookings to the likes of could literally ruin your budget. But this is not the case with – a platform which allows you to save substantial amounts of money, while you give a discount to your guests.

hotel savings

Let’s take a six-night stay at a three-star hotel in the center of Rome. Given that charges that particular hotel an average (18%) commission, off the €1,211 the hotel would make on this booking, as much as €217.98 would be deducted from the income. This means, that on this booking, the hotel would only make €993.02.

Now, with the same booking coming from, the hotel would be obliged to set at least a 5% discount off the price displayed at other booking platforms. In our example, the hotel discounts as much as 11%, resulting in the total price for the guest of €1078 – much cheaper than at Still, despite the high discount rate, the hotelier would make much more profit, because the entire amount (€1078) goes to their bank account. That’s nearly €85 saved on one booking, as compared to!

Saving money isn’t the only way helps the hoteliers. Every week we promote your property through our communication channels, including Facebook…






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Join our revolution now, and let your property thrive!

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