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On 16th of August, 2016 we have announced the integration with Cubilis Channel Manager. It’s the first channel manager that we support, but we already started the process of implementing support of more channel managers.


“Cubilis is the major channel manager on the markets that is popular with, that is in the Netherlands and in Belgium. cooperates with 276 out of around 1600 hotels in the Netherlands, our platform’s homeland” – says Michael Ros, our CEO.

“The popularity of this channel manager was the determinant of our decision to make it the first channel manager we support” – Ros continued.


Channel managers allow hotels to manage their bookings from different OTAs, travel agencies, as well as their own websites, all in one place, which makes it a very popular tool among the managers. For users, it means that they won’t have to wait 24 hours to confirm the bookings they make for the hotels using the channel manager.


“The addition of channel managers support was one of our main goals in the past few weeks.

That’s something that the managers inquired about, so we delivered. We are working on adding support of more channel managers, which we will announce soon. Moreover, it really benefits our users, as the bookings will be confirmed automatically” – Ros stated.


We are also planning to launch a marketing campaign in the Netherlands later this year.

“47% of the bookings for hotels located in the Netherlands come from Dutch people. Now, that we’ve added the support of the Netherlands’ most popular channel manager, we want hoteliers to make use of that, and bring them as many guests as possible. This will be the aim of our campaign, that is set to be launched in Q4 of 2016” – said Ros.


We are very happy to announce that upgrade to our system, since it will make the booking process easier for both hoteliers as well as guests.

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