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Bidroom is back and better!

As some of you might have already noticed, we made a few changes to Bidroom. We took your feedback to heart and for months our tech team has been working hard to create the brand new website you’re looking at.

Not only did we totally overhaul the design, we also changed the bidding system. We realised that many people didn’t like to wait for hours, and sometimes even days, to receive offers from hotels. Sometimes these offers weren’t even better than the rates advertised elsewhere. In other words, some hotels were giving guests false rates. Completely unacceptable! To fix these issues, we developed the following solutions.

Our new price comparison tool searches the Internet for available room rates on other online booking sites to beat these prices with a minimum discount of five percent. Prices are taken directly from,, Agoda and Expedia, which means that we’re always at least five percent cheaper than these booking websites.

For those who already know the name of the hotel they want to book with, there is Bidroom Direct. Users can book directly with a hotel against the discount rate of course. And remember that rule where you only had 24 hours to book before the offers would expire? Consider it a thing of the past. This does not mean the room rates on Bidroom are fixed, however. As always prices are subject to change depending on the hotel’s availability and occupancy. But you always have the price guarantee you’re better off booking with Bidroom.

This has made the booking process slightly different, but all for the better. A user chooses a location and selects their preferred amenities. Our search engine matches the user’s criteria with the hotels in our database, applies the Bidroom discount and voilà – the user receives a list of offers with great discounts within minutes. They choose an offer of their liking and send a reservation request to the hotel. After this, we take over. We send the request to the hotel and once they’ve confirmed, the deal is done! The user is sent an email with their booking confirmation voucher and can go on to enjoy their stay.

Speaking of improvements, signing up can now be done faster using Facebook. We also made it easier for users to manage their reservation requests and bookings from their profiles. No profile would be complete without the option to add bios and a few snapshots. While we can’t make any promises yet, we’d love to have a little social network in the future where users can share their hotel experiences and savings with friends.

Now you might wonder how we are able to offer these discounts. The answer is simple. Instead of charging high commissions to hotels, we ask them to use a portion of the money they save with us to give discounts to guests. We’re still raging against the high commission model that is making hoteliers and guests pay more. Some things never change.

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