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Bidroom is expanding into new types of accommodation

Our platform is constantly shaking things up in the industry. Since we started in 2014 we have in the span of two years become the fastest growing OTA company in the world.

And we don’t stop to expand. We are now opening for B&Bs and Vacation Rentals, as well as Private Apartment owners to sign up. It is an exciting new step since we previously cooperated only with three, four and five star hotels.

After receiving many requests regarding broadening the service, our founders decided to allow B&B, Vacation Rental and Private Apartment owners to register their properties at the platform, and get the best of the lowest commission on the market. It is also a perfect situation for the guests, since all of them have different needs. We wanted to make sure we include something for everyone.

Currently there are around 900 000 accommodations in the world, and only 200 000 of them are hotels, meaning that nearly 80% of them are different types of properties. By adding those into our platform we’re giving ourselves a much bigger field to work on.

“This is an important step in the growth of our company” – says Michael Ros, our CEO – “We were getting daily hundreds of requests from private property owners to allow them to sign up, and we decided to meet their expectations. We’re looking forward to a fruitful cooperation.”

It is an exciting news for our company. Now we can expand even further and help many more new customers by allowing such properties to join in.

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