Bidroom is Moving on Up – Change is Coming

Concept design of the new office. Not actual photo
Concept design of the new office. Not actual photo

Well, we have been busy here recently I can tell you. Since the new board of Directors took office, Bidroom announced yesterday the substantial capital investment which will be used to accelerate the growth of the company and all, for the benefit of you.

Bidroom Board

Development, Expansion and Lots More to Come

In September, the company entered a new phase with an expansion of the board. Since then the board has been busy working on brand development and implementing plans to improve the concept even further for both hoteliers and members.

On the members’ side of things, Bidroom plans to expand the availability of accommodation to its members (that means you) by working hard to get more large, global chain hotels on board in every major city across the globe. Although we have a lot already, we will not sit still until you are able to book any hotel your heart desires. That also means smaller chains and resorts, as well as individual hotels, hostels and apartments.

The Bidroom community is growing quickly and that is something that will be focused on over the next couple of years. We aim to create a platform that allows you to do everything you can imagine and have it all ‘under one roof’. A one-stop shop for all your travelling needs one might say.

Concept design of the new office. Not actual photo
Concept design of the new office. Not actual photo

Workforce Expansion

CEO, Bas Tolmeijer, has made clear that Bidroom’s workforce will expand to 200 employees within the next year after the company expands and improves the office in the very heart of Kraków, right on the historic market square (Rynek Główny). We also now have offices in Krakow, Amsterdam, Paris and Istanbul!

The focus right now is on the recruitment of IT specialists, marketers and customer service employees. I want to say, as a current employee of Bidroom, that if you are living in Krakow, or even have the urge for a change if you don’t live here, Bidroom is a fantastic company to consider.

Especially for IT professionals who really want to ‘cut their teeth’ in a dynamic and forward thinking environment, or, if you are an experienced IT professional looking to get involved in something you can put your mark on, then get in contact and let us know.

Our priority on the IT side at the moment is with back-end developers (PHP specifically) and although not strictly IT, we are also on the hunt for an experienced Product owner. Of course with the expansion plans underway, they are not the only positions we need to fill. For more details on that click here.

Partnerships are a go go

Our CEO adds, that investments are made in sustainable cooperation with various worldwide partners such as Visa,  which recently formed an exclusive partnership with Bidroom. The Visa partnership has given all their European cardholders the chance to join Bidroom for free for a set amount of time. This has given Europeans with Visa cards the chance to try Bidroom and discover just how easy it is to book their accommodation through Bidroom. 

We are planning many more partnerships in the near future to expand the usability of Bidroom and of course the benefits of using the platform for all our members. Keep your eyes out for more partnerships coming up and all the awesome new features to the platform. 2018 has been an exciting time for us all here, and 2019 is set to be even better. Not just for those of us that work here, but most of all, for all the members and the hoteliers that join us in our mission to bring fairness back to the hospitality industry and travel industry alike.

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