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Bidroom at ITB Berlin

Last week our team took part in ITB Berlin, currently the Leading Travel Trade Show. With participants from 5 continents, 187 countries, and over 10,000 exhibitors, it was very impressive, but, more than anything, it was inspiring. On today’s blog, we would like our pictures to tell you a story of our two days at this amazing event.



We started our journey full of hope and energy, ready to start new partnerships and educate more people about the unfairness in our industry.



ITB is a festival of traditions. During our first day there we could learn about different cultures and get inspired by them. On the picture – Vietnamese stand, exhibitors in traditional clothes and with traditional food and tea.



The visitors could meet many fascinating people. Here craftsman with his work.



Turkish calligrapher at work.



There was time to enjoy all of the attractions and time for business meetings. Scattered around the conference, apart from exhibitions, there were many places suitable for conversations. After all, we all wanted to make a change!



It was a huge event not only for hoteliers but for the entire travel industry



We were lucky enough to have hundreds of fruitful meetings with partners.



Many new hotels decided to join us and we couldn’t be happier about it!



Our team here in Bidroom believes in fair travel industry and we are proud to say we always speak up about what we believe is right.



We are very grateful that we had such an amazing opportunity to meet inspiring people and share our beliefs with them. Thank you all for our wonderful meetings and hopefully see you next year!


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