Bidroom – Krakow Business Run 2018

Krakow Business Run
Photo by Tomasz Prokop

On Sunday 2nd September 2018 Bidroom entered a total of three teams into the Krakow Business Run 2018. Each team consisted of five people, each of whom had to run 3.8Km as quickly as they could.

Krakow Business Run 2018

Krakow Business Run is an event held every year in the beautiful city of Krakow, as well as many other Polish cities across the country including Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdansk and many others. The idea behind the run is to raise awareness across the country of the struggles of people with disabilities and more importantly, raise money urgently needed by charities that help them. Krakow Business Run say;

The mission of the Poland Business Run Foundation is comprehensive and professional assistance to people with mobility disorders, help in getting them active, and eliminating social barriers, as well as helping people at risk of amputation. The Foundation disseminates knowledge about the disability of the motor organs and tries to influence the perception of people with the above-mentioned problems.”

Krakow Business Run
Photo by Tomasz Prokop

Bidroom Gets Involved

Of course, Bidroom was not going to pass up the opportunity to join in the fun and games and help raise some money while we were at it.

We have a large range of runners in the company from Marathon runners like Kamil K (Senior Account Manager) who has run a total of 3 marathons this year already. We also have some ‘I hate running’ runners. (I include myself in this one, although I surprised myself). We did, however, manage to get 15 runners from an office of 37 people (based in the Krakow office). Now that, in my opinion, is pretty good!

Start Line
Photo by Tomasz Prokop

The Course, The Teams and the Results

The run started on Rynek Glowny at 10:30 am on a sunny Sunday afternoon. 5,994 people gathered together in anticipation to compete. There were serious teams, like the winning team, led by Polish Champion runner Adam Czerwinski, and then there were teams that were simply there to take part and have fun. Like the Bidroom teams. The Bidroom teams were;


  1. Szymon (captain) (Marketing Team Lead)
  2. Daniel (Country Manager Spain, Portugal and LATAM)
  3. Konstantinos (Country Manager Greece)  
  4. Mohammed (Sales Egypt)
  5. Sols (PR Manager)


  1. Kamil K (captain) (Senior Account Mgr)
  2. Jola (Country Manager Poland)
  3. Tomek (Database Admin)
  4. Giota (Sales Greece)
  5. Billy (Growth Hacker)


  1. Sebastian (captain) (Full Stack Dev)
  2. Celso (CTO)
  3. Kostas K (Tech Support)
  4. Steve (Content Manager/Writer)
  5. Alexandros (Sales Greece)

Bidroom Runners

It was a hot Sunday morning in Krakow that day and I have to say that all the runners did an amazing job of their part of the run.

The course for the run started on Rynek Glowny under the shadow of the tower (Wieża Ratuszowa) in the square. Hundreds of runners warmed up in anticipation and I am sure some began to get nervous. We ran up to Planty (the gardens surrounding the city centre) and around to the beautiful sight of Wawel castle. The course then took us in a circle back up the historic road leading from the castle, to the Rynek, where we handed the baton over to the next runner to take up their part of the challenge.

Business Run Course


All the runners that day did extremely well in their own right, but a special mention has to go a few people. To give some perspective, the winning runner (not the team) did the course in a time of 00:10:53 which by all accounts is an amazing run and congrats to him (he is a professional remember). Then all the way down to the slowest time of the day which was 42:44. The average time for an individual in our teams was around 20 mins, but I must give a special mention to  Sebastian with a time of 00:18:43! Kamil K with a time of 00:17:27! Mohammed with a time of 00:16:46! And finally Kostas with a winning time of 00:15:01!! Congratulations to Kostas


Krakow Business Run was a truly humbling experience for us all and we all walked away from it (or crawled away from it) with a smile on our faces and a sense of achievement that cannot be beaten. Well done to everyone that took part in the run and see you next year!

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