Tips to be sustainable in Paris

By Barbara L. Nelson – Content Writer

Paris’s and the wider world’s goal is offsetting the impact of humanity on the environment. The city is introducing green technology and initiatives like sea-bubble powered flying cars, renewable energy sources like silent wind turbines powering the Eiffel Tower and planting gardens around the area. 

In line with the goals of the Paris Agreement, by 2050, the City of Paris undertakes to: reduce local emissions by 100%, achieving the goal of zero emission in Paris; and promote an 80% reduction in the carbon footprint of Paris compared to 2004 levels; and involve all local stakeholders in offsetting for residual emissions in order to achieve the zero net carbon target for the Paris area.

Addressing Paris’ housing and density issues, French firm Vincent Callebaut Architectures (renditions in photos and feature photo) has developed a proposal for multiple high-rise buildings with positive energy output (BEPOS). Comprised of eight multi-use structures inhabiting various locations within Paris, the plan strives to address major sustainability problems affecting each district, while providing key functions for the city.

So, what can you do as a sojourner to the city of love to have less of an environmental impact? Well, there are great Parisian companies that you can use to lower your carbon footprint and initiatives you can take personally to reduce your waste and impact the climate more positively. 

Here are our tips for going to the European city and painting the town green, from the moment you leave your house to roaming around the metropolis:

Travel Consciously 

Before you even set foot out the door, you can make active decisions that immediately affect your impact on the planet. 


It’s simple; travel by boat if you can, since its impact on environmental contamination is much less than that of planes. Alternatively, you can use carpool, bus or train services within Europe which vary in pricing and impact on the atmosphere. If you do need to get to your destination by flight, investigate and book with airlines that are more eco-friendly. Tip: Look out for the little green tag that informs you how much less C02 the aircraft emits, which has been a common signal on booking platforms. 

Make Your Stay Green

Staying green is easy. And it’s eco-conscious as well. Green hotels reduce energy and water use; use organic and/or locally-sourced food; utilize a a responsible purchasing policy; hold environmental awareness training for staff, and use of non-toxic cleaning products, waste management: all these factors contribute to making tourist accommodation establishments sustainable places to stay.

Eco-Certified Hotels

Try the Grand Hotel Francais, a designer hotel, located in the centre of Paris or the Hotel Bellevue Located at the bottom of the Sacré-Cœur, in Montmartre.

Opt for greener ways of getting around the city

Choosing non-motorized and less polluting forms of transport for getting around Paris means that you are reducing your ecological footprint, and taking an active part in the preservation of the environment. Check out Vélib a bike rental service as means of transport. It’s highly-popular with Parisians! And there is nothing better for your carbon footprint than getting around on foot. Paris is a compact city and it is the ideal way to fully enjoy all that the city has to offer in terms of architecture and streetscapes of Paris.

If you prefer to travel by car, Parisian taxis and chauffeur-driven vehicles now offer hybrid technology vehicles. Like Marcel, a super eco startup that has emerged in Paris in the last few years is Marcel, a green TNC company in the tourist city that boasts 100% carbon emissions offset. 

Their vehicles provide a solution to both air and noise pollution for locals and visitors. What’s more is that your journey is at a fixed, agreed rate, so there are no nasty surprises when you arrive at your destination. They couldn’t be more convenient. 

For a responsible traveller, Marcel is a great way to explore, and Bidroom members receive exclusive offers with this sustainable partnership. Enjoy a 5 euro discount on each of your first three trips!

Eat Organic, Local & Seasonal Cuisine

Enjoying regional cuisines while traveling is one of life’s pleasures, and eating healthily, with organic, local and seasonal products is even better for your health, for the planet and for the local economy! So why not stop by one of the several sustainable, eco-friendly and organic restaurants in the city. Here are more eco-conscious eateries to enjoy.
The Bureau helps you in your search by pointing out several good addresses for lunch, dinner or a snack that use good organic or local products made from seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Remember to Pack Sustainably 

The best way to beat waste issues around travelling is to be prepared in advance. 

Think about your needs and try to meet them with sustainable solutions. If you need a new wardrobe for your trip to one of the world’s fashion capitals, go vintage! You can find something chic, unique and often super affordable. There’s no such thing as second hand, it’s just twice-loved. 

Try to be aware of just how much plastic you consume and waste while you’re abroad. To tackle this, ensure that you bring your reusable bottle and keep-cup in your carry on bag. Invest in toothpaste tablets (which are surprisingly cheap!) instead of bringing toothpaste that is contained by a single-use, non-recyclable plastic. It’s all about awareness. 

Now you’re ready to take on Paris! To be an environmental ally, you don’t have to be perfect. You just have to do what you can, and always be open to learning more ways we can fight the climate disaster together. Your impact matters.

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  1. I have tried Marcel during my last trip in Paris,
    On top of having a great service, it is really enjoyable to feel greener when travelling in a big city 🙂

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