Bidroom at the NTT Conference

On March 31 our representatives took part in the NTT Conference in Gdańsk.


The NTT (New Trends in Tourism) Conference is one of the biggest events in Poland uniting the tourism industry. Organized in the European Solidarity Center in Gdańsk it is an incredibly important event for hoteliers, OTAs and marketers, where new directions for the industry are being set.


This year we felt honored that Bidroom could be one of the speakers at the conference. We could talk about our vision and the new business model. Our presentation took place at 12:30 on the novelty stage and we are happy to say it was very well received.


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It was especially inspiring to be surrounded by some of the leading Polish marketing and hospitality specialists. Among many others were Monika Czaplicka, Paweł Tkaczyk and Jacek Kotarbiński, while the entire conference was led by one of the top Polish journalists, Jarosław Kuźniar.


The extremely positive atmosphere of the conference was contagious. We had the opportunity to meet many interesting, active people and exchange ideas with them. We had many fruitful conversations with representatives of the hotel industry and came back with new ideas and even more energy to improve our platform.


We would like to thank the organizers for the wonderful conference and the speakers for their interesting presentations and private talks. Hopefully, see you all next year!


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