Bidrooms Recent Conference Adventures – With Marcin Wesolowski and The Italian Team

Recently our Director of Operations and renowned travel blogger, Marcin Wesolowski has been on a small adventure after being invited to give a speech at three conferences around the world. Spreading the word about Bidroom and what we offer to the industry and travellers alike as well as giving an expert insight into how the industry is changing for all of us.

Bidroom (Marcin) has attended three conferences in the last three weeks. They were;

  • Uzakrota Aegean Talks in Athens on 28.09.2018
  • Travel Tech Conference in Moscow on 4.10.2018
  • Hospitality Day in Rimini on 9.10.2018

We were of course honoured to have been invited to give a talk at these events and want to thank the organisers for contacting us and inviting Marcin to talk to the attendees. The audience at these events were a mixture of travel and hospitality industry professionals, local businesses, and the general public that were interested in the fast-changing travel and hospitality industry.

Athens – 28.09.2018

The first of the events on the list was Athens. Held in this historic city, Athens gave the perfect platform (but not the weather as there was a small monsoon for three days) for all attendees to learn, improve and understand how the industry is changing and how they can best benefit from those changes.

The topic for Marcin’s speech in Athens was;

Bringing new ideas to the hospitality industry

How it all changes and what solutions Bidroom brings to the table

The audience gave great feedback to Marcin after the speech and were full of questions about his speech as well as the information given to them about Bidroom and what we are doing to change the current situation with the dominance of the two biggest OTAs and the influence they have on hoteliers revenue. Thank you Athens for the hospitality and the platform to deliver our mission and intentions for the industry.


Moscow – 4.10.2018

Moscow was the next on the list. This City is full of history and is now a hub for innovation and technology regardless of its past and restraints. It was a great host for the event and had people from all over the world attending and picking out the information they were looking for or networking for contacts that they needed to move on to their own next stage of development.

The topic for this speech was;

Breaking the monopoly with new solutions. 

Why diversity is important for the travel and hospitality industry. The Travel and Hospitality industry has been through some amazing changes in the last decades. Everything has become easier and faster. But is this all ideal?

Travelabs and HQ Agency were the two companies that bought this conference together. It looked at the latest developments in travel tech and invited along travel startups to participate in a pitch competition. They also looked at local technology trends, travel startups and new developments and internet-based technology opportunities for hoteliers and airlines.

Rimini – 9.10.2018

Rimini was host to yet another successful industry meet up this year. With the fifth edition of this event dedicated to hospitality with a full day of events and talks. Marcin was again invited along to give a speech and tell Italy all about the success of Bidroom.

The topic of the speech in Rimini was;

Dynamics of Hospitality and Travel Industry – what’s the future? 

Every year looks like a decade in the travel and hospitality industry. Every decade seems like an époque. What should we know in this extremely dynamic environment to survive and grow our businesses?

Hospitality day was dedicated to owners, managers and employees alike. It was also a platform for hotelier associations, designers, builders, investors and developers. It was a way to get the word out to all those interested in knowing the latest news from around the world of hospitality.

Bidroom also had the pleasure of being there with the Italy sales team who did a great job of talking to hoteliers and spreading the word of all the great work we are doing here at Bidroom. Big thanks to Izabela and Federica for their excellent work and representation at Hospitality day. We look forward to seeing you there next week.


To contact the Italy sales team you can email them directly; or

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