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Book smart, not fast!

Many customers do not realize that they are very often disadvantaged while booking a hotel. Here are four tips on how to book a cheaper hotel room.

1. In general, those who book early, usually get the highest discounts.  However, travelers should not be afraid to delay their booking. You can place a number of hotels in your virtual shopping bag and keep an eye on this. Hotels constantly adjust their prices to the availability and demand, so the chances are you will get a lower price if you book later. This tactic can especially work out well during the low season.

2. For those not willing to take the risk and ending up without a hotel room, they may also change the search on their searching engine. According to a study at the American Northeastern University booking sites tend to discriminate based on the recent bookings and browser history. Travelers looking for a good deal can therefore delete their browsing history or use the incognito mode.

3. Not only your internet behavior, but also the device you use to search for hotels may affect the price of your hotel room. It seems that iPhone users save 15 dollars on 5% of all their results from Travelocity that is a part of Expedia. One last tip is therefore; to delete your browsing history on the device you are searching your booking.

4. For those who are not satisfied with their smartphone, tablet and computer search results, there is always an option to search from another city, province or country. So says Michael Ros, our co-founder:

“We base our room rates on those of our main competitors. To our amazement, our colleagues in other countries receive different prices than our colleagues in the Netherlands.”


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Founders Michael Ros (L) en Casper Knieriem (R)


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