Change Your Travel Life With These Subscription Deals

What are your vices? Travel, wine, a good binge-watchable series?

Here are 5 of the best subscriptions to transport you to your happy place, whether you’re travelling far and wide, within your locality, or not venturing far from the couch.

For the true travel lover: Explore the world with your eyes

Since the world has become a little more still, and it can be hard to keep the adventurer spirit alive within us, we can at least find something to watch that we haven’t already seen and that caters to our interests. Plan your future trips and get lost in the splendor of a place you’re going to see one day (hopefully soon) with Lonely Planet TV. Full of travel documentaries and series, find something educational and vibrant if you’ve already maxed out all the David Attenborough specials. Bidroom members get free access to Lonely Planet TV for 6 months.

For wine lovers: Deliveries to your door 

If like us you’re missing the vineyards of Provence, the promise of Tuscany and its delectable grapes, or that first sip of Rioja on your Spanish getaway, look no further. Often, it’s the food and drink that really immerse us in our trips, and while many of us are restricted with where we can travel, setting up a Little Italy or French bistro right at home could be the perfect way to bring those memories to you.

Why not try out a subscription based wine service? The Grape Reserve doesn’t just provide you with wine to your doorstep from around the world, it also supplies you with fact cards, tasting notes, and recipe suggestions to match your bottle with every box. The Grape Reserve offer Bidroom members 15% off the first two months subscription. 

Start your sommelier journey, or learn some vocabulary and techniques to impress your fellow wine lovers. Get educated with every box and every sip from The Wine List. As a Bidroom member, The Wine List offers you 30% off your first box. 

Expect the unexpected: Flight insurance

With Skycop, you can get money back on your flights that may have been disrupted or cancelled. Since the travel climate right now is largely unpredictable, flights get cancelled, plans change, and it’s never fun to be left in the lurch. Skyscop is giving Bidroom members a 35% discount on subscriptions. 

Travel extras for Bidroom members

From deals on car rentals and tours to use on your trips, to discounts on wine deliveries or travel inspiration right at home, Bidroom partners with companies around the world to provide an enriched experience. Start your day by absorbing the history and the glorious sights wherever you are on a tour, take an evening class and learn how to make pasta in Roma from scratch, or indulge in (just a little bit) of shopping. Log in to your account to see all currently available partner deals, updated monthly.

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Better deals on hotels & more

Despite restrictions, many people may be travelling right now—work, family, or any number of essential duties.

Bidroom is a travel club that negotiates deals on hotels, with rates up to 25% lower than on other platforms. Membership is free, and comes with extra perks at the hotel and beyond. How about a complimentary bottle of champagne bubbling in your room, waiting to be sipped on arrival? When you book through Bidroom, hotels include a selection of 5-star treats like this with every booking.

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