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City Break Destinations You Have To Try

The Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop travelling with the end of one season! Autumn is perfect for city breaks, and that is what we will focus on in today’s post.

We will not tell you where to go, but we want to give you a few ideas. The one twist is that we don’t want to list all of the places everybody knows, but tell you a little bit about maybe less known but as spectacular cities.

So read on and get inspired!



Although better known than many other cities on this list Antwerp is still not as popular as Brussels, despite the fact that it is the second largest city in Belgium as well as its biggest port city.

Sights like the City Hall, St. James’ Church and Guildhouses as well as a very cool atmosphere of the city make it a perfect spot for a city break, where you can enjoy the views as well as the vibe of the place.

St. Petersburg

The city to leave you breathless, St. Petersburg is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the World.

The home to many cultural traditions, glorious buildings and incredible minds, this russian city is a must-see spot on this list.

You will surely be amazed by both the architecture inside of it as well as the imperial parks and palaces in the suburbs of the city. And just wait until you experience the nightlife there!



The capital of the Andalusia and the place where Christopher Columbus started his famous journey, Seville is one of the most interesting and gorgeous cities in Spain.

Once ruled by Moors it has many islamic influences, for example its current Cathedral used to be a mosque.

The city is known for the Plaza de España, where some of the scenes from the Star Wars movie were shot. You simply have to see it.



Not only is it home to our dutch office, but it is also one of the loveliest cities in The Netherlands!

Even though it is not the capital of the country, the Hague is the seat of the Dutch government, parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Council of State. Originated around XIII century it has a fascinating history, many wonderful buildings as well as fun event anyone can attend. It is a perfect place for both shorter and a longer trip.



We are surprised that this gorgeous city is not one of the most popular destinations in Europe, in our opinion it most definitely should be!

The capital of Serbia is not only the place where of the most important prehistoric cultures of Europe evolved but also one of the most important cities in the area throughout centuries.

Belgrade hosts many annual international cultural events, has plenty museums and the architecture to die for, as well as incredibly vibrant nightlife. Don’t tell us this doesn’t sounds appealing!



This city located in the northern-east France, right by the border with Germany is famous for two things, its beauty and its importance for the european politics, since is the seat of several European institutions, such as the Council of Europe, the Eurocorps, as well as the European Parliament and the European Ombudsman.

The city’s historic centre, the Grande Île (Grand Island), was even classified a World Heritage site by UNESCO.


These are just a few of our ideas. Not only in Europe, but all over the World you can find amazing cities that are less known, but definitely deserve recognition (and in our opinion often top the famous destinations). So explore and enjoy your trip, and if you decide to visit any of the cities above remember you can find amazing hotels there on!

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