Cornwall – The UK Untouched

Cornwall is one place in England that remains to this day, relatively untouched in terms of the modern world. Unlike the rest of the UK, Cornwall has its own unique blend of nature, old English architecture and some of the most breathtakingly beautiful places you are likely to find anywhere in the world. With long sandy beaches stretching for miles, beautiful bays all along the coastline, old cobble stoned villages throughout and some of the best surf spots in the country, Cornwall is a must for any traveler that wants to experience a real taste of England.

Surf’s up!

If there is one thing that Cornwall is famous for, it is its surf. All along the western coastline, you can find beach after beach filled with surfers. The most famous of all the spots is of course Newquay. Every year the town of Newquay hosts the Quicksilver surf championships. The streets are filled with food trucks, music, street theatre and of course surfers. Newquay is also host to the infamous ‘Run To The Sun’ event which sees hundreds if not thousands of cars and campervans of all shapes and sizes arrive in Newquay and display the modifications in all their glory.

Never tried surfing before? Then get yourself down to Newquay,  where you can learn with the some of the best surf schools in the world while enjoying some of the best beaches, views, food and atmosphere that the UK has to offer.

Surf Lessons

St Michael’s Mount, Marazion

If you have never seen it then this one is a must. A 17th Century Castle nestled in the heart of Cornwall not far from Penzance in the village of Marazion. 500 meters from the land and cut off at high tide, you can walk over at low tide or take a ferry at high tide. This castle and the surrounding village are rich in history and boast some of the counties and countries most picturesque scenes. With the St. Aubyn family still living there today and having gracefully restored the castle to reflect the original 17th Century beauty and peacefulness, the castle, the peaceful seaward gardens and the stained glass chapel, make this attraction a must for anyone visiting the region.

St Michael's Mount

The Eden Project, near St. Austell

With the world’s largest rainforest in captivity, the domes of the Eden Project offer everyone something to see. The biodomes host an entire world of things to watch, touch and look at. One of the even has a waterfall in it. Even the domes themselves are an architectural wonder that can potentially take your breath away. The sheer scale of the things cannot be appreciated until you have seen them for yourself. Try to go in summer so you can take full advantage of the outdoor activities. If you time it right you could catch an open-air music concert or even ice-skate (in the winter of course)

Eden Project Domes

Tintagel – Land of King Arthur

Modern-day Tintagel seems, at first glance, doesn’t seem to have the history that it does. The land of the legendary King Arthur, this must have once been a place of extensive beauty and dueling knights. With a medieval hamlet protected by a castle nestled on top of the headland. The 12th-Century ruins are dramatically sited and the coastal walks and views breathtaking. Avoid the coach tours by visiting out of season.

King Arthur - Tintagel

Lost Gardens of Heligan, near Mevagissey

Covering over 200 acres, the project undertaken before the Eden project was first thought of, The Lost Gardens of Heligan offer something for everyone. From the Himalayan spring garden to the Edwardian fruit, flower and vegetable gardens. If you wander deeper into the valley there are cool shady pools where you can see dragon and damselflies dance. Open all year round The Lost Gardens are magical no matter what age you are.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

St Ives

St Ives is a place which has a film set like quality about it. With intensity and clarity of light, this 20th Century art colony or world importance houses the Tate Gallery, Barbara Hepworth’s home and sculpture garden and Bernard Leach’s pottery. If you want to see some of the best work by today’s painters and potters visit the Millenium, Belgrave and Wills Lane galleries. If you have never tried them before then St Ives is a great place to try the world famous Cornish Cream Tea.

St Ives Bay

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