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Spring Fatigue – How to Deal With It?

Even though the winter is gone and everything comes back to life, many people are tired. Sleepy, without energy and stressed, we do not have the motivation or will to do anything. It is a very common syndrome in this time of year – spring fatigue. We want to tell you today how you can fight it and enjoy the weather.

What is Spring Fatigue?

Spring fatigue syndrome is very popular among the people. What is it? Doctors say it is a signal that our body sends us to let us know it is tired and lacks some of the important elements. It is so common because people are generally lacking the vitamins, micro and macro elements after winter – there is less fruit, fewer vegetables and less sun. Because of that, we are more tired, weaker and our energy level is down. Also, the sudden changes that come during the first month of spring put our bodies at risk of catching more infections. Doctors say that our immune system is the weakest during this time of year because of the reasons mentioned above. So, now we know what is going on with us. What can we do to fight the spring fatigue?



Firstly, get some rest. People need sleep, that is a very common knowledge. Now, as you are probably more tired than before, you should particularly focus on the amount of sleep. Try to get the minimum of 6-7 hours per night and let your body regenerate, it will thank you later. Remember though, sometimes the spring fatigue can make you feel like the amount of rest is not important, as you feel more tired every day. Don’t let that fool you, the more you focus on getting enough sleep, the quicker you will overcome this stage of fatigue. Besides, there you have another reason to just stay in bed and catch up on your Netflix queue – you’re welcome!


Of course, besides sleeping, you also have to find a way to relax. Whether it’s a bubble bath, putting a face mask on, going for a walk or reading a book, you have to try and let yourself to turn off for a while. This moment of focusing on yourself will allow your body to regenerate and gain some more strength. Additionally, mentally you will feel better – a relaxed mind is a healthy mind. And when your mind feels healthy and good, your body does not have a choice – it will follow. That is why relaxation is so important. It is fueling your mind which will lead to mood improvement and that is something everyone is looking for in spring!



Movement is crucial, everyone will tell you that. Even a short workout couple of times a week can work wonders with your body. By workout, we don’t necessarily mean going to the gym and lifting weights. You decide what will your workout look like! Is it a 30-minute run? A game of tennis, squash, volleyball? Anything that includes movement will be good for you. Why? It will improve your metabolism, enhance the blood circulation. Moreover, your body will be releasing more serotonin which, as a result, will make you more energetic and motivated. What are you waiting for? Take your coat and go for a walk around the block!


There is a very high risk that you will not be able to get rid of the fatigue quicker without focusing on what you eat. A well-balanced diet is indeed everything. Since during the winter your body lacks vitamins and other important elements, you have to give all of them to your body now. Try to make your diet more healthy by adding vegetables and fruit that will appear on your local markets any day now. Remember, the more healthy food is in your daily meals, the better your body is nourished. The results will be visible everywhere – your nails will be stronger, the same with the hair, your skin condition will improve and with all of that, you will generally feel better about yourself. After some time you will not even remember you had spring fatigue.

Listen to your body

Everyone is different, that’s for sure. What we are writing here are some general tips on the most commons symptoms of spring fatigue. The truth is, our bodies are mart and they will let us know what is it that they need. Just listen to your body – if you suddenly crave apples, then go and buy yourself an apple! It probably means that you lack the vitamins and microelements that this fruit has. The same with other foods – if you want something very particular, it’s probably your body lacking the nutrients that you can find in it. Remember, your body can communicate with you easily, you just have to listen and let it speak.

We hope that you found these tips useful for battling your exhaustion. Remember that you can also try to fight the lack of motivation with travelling! Pick a place where you want to go and let the excitement get to you. If you need any help with that, we will be very glad to assist. Check our website here to find your dream destination.

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