Dear Tourism & Hospitality: We’re (Distantly) With You

Our lives are different these days. 

We’re working from our bedrooms, we need gloves to get the groceries, we’re wishing mom a happy Mother’s Day through the window. 

There are less hugs, less high fives, less people around us. 

But we’re very much aware that by keeping away over the short-term, we’re really sticking together — so that one day, we’ll once again have meetings in our lovely offices, embrace our families, and travel all over the globe. 

Though most of the world is self-isolating, it doesn’t mean we have to be isolated. 

Bringing travel to our home is keeping the globetrotters within us at peace.

We’re cooking spaghetti from scratch like we’re in Italy. We’re salsa dancing badly, but who cares? We’re sitting with a laptop in front of the window, soaking up the sun like we’re on the beach. 

And while we’re getting very comfortable with our screens, the hit to the industry is tough, so we’re getting better at collaborating across physical spaces to get things done.

Like this video, for example.

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