Detox Methods Around the World

Christmas and New Year’s Eve is behind us. So to commemorate the good times, we want to talk about the subject that may be a bit too familiar during this time of the year. On one hand, we eat way too much of everything, on the other we celebrate the coming of the new year with one glass of champagne too many. So to help all of us out a little, we will talk about the detox methods from around the World.

Quick Fixes

Each country has quick fixes, for when you’re not feeling your best (read: when you’re hungover). In Poland, some people drink pickle juice to pick themselves up. In the USA the tomato juice (or in other versions Bloody Mary) is the go-to-drink. In the UK people choose a nice English breakfast instead. The Dutch decide to cue themselves with what made them sick, and have a beer when in a bad shape.

Of course, it’s not always just the hungover you want to get rid of, so read on to see other ways to detoxify your body.

Steam Baths and Sauna

It’s no secret, that one of the best ways to get rid of toxins is to sweat them out. One way to do it is by exercising, but we will focus on a more static option. Steam baths and saunas may be the perfect cure for you.

They are especially popular in Finland. The Finnish sauna is a part of the country’s culture. It is not only the place to cleanse yourself but to relax, and often also socialize. The beginnings of it go all the way back to the 7000 BC. Most Finns try to enjoy the benefits of it at least once a week.

There are many types of sauna, smoke, wooden, or electric. They are all different but allow you to choose the one that suits you best.

Detox, Sauna

Dry Skin Brushing

Another detox option is a dry skin brushing. It is especially popular in Russia and Scandinavia, and we can understand why. It is a great way to detoxify your body. But many scientists claim that you should include it in your daily routine. It helps with your blood circulation, peels off the dead skin cells, removes toxins and even cellulite.

To properly do it, you should use a wooden, firm brush (remember, that it has to be soft as well, or you may hurt yourself). Brush upwards, towards our heart. On your stomach and chest use circular motion. Don’t brush too hard. It should be relaxing, not painful!

Dry skin brushing has been popular in Europe for centuries. It is a cheap yet effective way to boost your immune system and help your body come to the right shape.

A Cup of Green Tea

We all know we should drink water to clean our bodies. But another great drink, that helps you achieve just that, is green tea.

According to a legend, the tea was invented the Chinese Emperor Shennong, who came up with it in 2737 BC. Among many tea other tea types, Chinese gave us the green tea. It is high in antioxidants, that help our body heal. It has antibiotic, antiviral, and antibacterial properties, helping us feel better, and preventing any further damage. Besides, who doesn’t like a cup of tea in the morning?

Detox, Green Tea

Nothing Beats a Good Massage

One very pleasant method of detox your body is a massage. And there are many types of it from all around the World.

Shiatsu comes from China but is now associated with Japan. It consists of applying pressure to different parts of a body, to bring the balance back to it. It is often done along with an acupuncture session.

Another classic type is the Thai massage. Its roots date back millennia. It is sometimes called the yoga massage. That’s because it requires movement from both the masseuse and the receiver. It is quite a strong massage. A lot of pressure is given to it and sometimes you can even hear a crack in your bones. But trust us, it’s nothing but great.

Another interesting type is the Lomilomi. It is a Hawaiian massage. It has a healing and restorative purpose and is performed with hands, elbows, knuckles, even knees and feet.  

Whichever way of detoxifying you choose, it will surely make you feel great and ready for anything 2018 has in store for you!

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