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Dresden is one of the most visited cities in Germany and the capital of Saxony. So you have probably read several articles about this place. I am going to give you a few recommendations outside of the most known places of the city. Something where you will not be overrun by hordes of tourists from all over the world, but where you might actually meet locals.

Fancy some breakfast with a view?

What would be a better way to start the day in Dresden than having breakfast overlooking the amazing river banks of the Elbe river. You should start your day at the Lingerschloss, which is located on the northside of the river. You can easily walk there from the center if you follow the path along the river. You will see the beautiful castle. Grab some breakfast or go there on the weekends to have brunch. There is also a beer garden if you just want to grab a pint. If you have time you should also discover and explore the mausoleum close to the castle.

Dresden - Castle

Lapidarium – discover the lost pieces of the city.

Have you ever wondered what happened to all those pieces of art which were lying all over the city after the war? They were stored in church ruin just inside the city. It is one of the lost places in Dresden. There is nothing more refreshing than having a look at all those sculptures and relicts of passed days in a ruin itself. No security detail will tell you how close you can come to the pieces, no queue to see things. Here you are able to experience art rather than just looking on it. You can request a free tour here.

Discover Baroque Dresden.

We sometimes forget how old the cities in Germany are. Sadly so many of the old building fell victim to the wars, however it is still possible for you to get a full baroque experience of Dresden. In The Panomenter you can enjoy a full 360° view of the baroque Dresden by day and night. Have a look at what life over 300 years ago looked like in this rich merchant city.

When did you last stargaze?

Has it been a while? Well you can now make up for it. You should visit the observatory in the district “Weißer Hirsch”. The observatory is a Zeiss-Refraktor, a model which only exists 6 times in the world. The unique thing is that you can stargaze there even with clouds, as the dome has a fluorescent replica of the starry sky. So no bad weather can cloud your mood or this great experience.

Dresden - Schloss Moritzburg

Try on Cinderella’s shoe!

If you have a bit more time in Dresden you should absolutely visit Schloss Moritzburg. It is a bit outside of the city but you can reach it easily with public transport. Here the famous fairy tale “3 Hazelnuts for Cinderella” was filmed and the castle is just magical. I can highly recommend going for a walk in gardens during late afternoon. Sunset close to Moritzburg is quite something. You can find Cinderella’s shoe on the steps of the castle. Who knows maybe it will fit you! In the winter months there is a yearly exhibition about the production of the fairy tale. You can also check the Wildlife Park close by if you feel like it. Especially nice for a family trip.

Discover an urban jungle.

Having 65% of green area Dresden is one of the greenest cities in Europe. This is a benefit for you because a city trip can be just become a hiking trip without having to drive for hours. In the north of Dresden you can find the “Dresdner Heide” and throughout the forest there is a 20km long river which even has a waterfall. You can easily spend a day discovering this huge area. Also great if you travel with your dog.

Devil's Bridge - Near Dresden

Let’s talk about eating.

Dresden is a hip city and you will have no issues finding food from all over the world. An amazing place is the vegan restaurant “Falscher Hase”. Very cosy and relaxed. If you love Kebab you need to go to this place in Neustadt-district. They make the best one in town. If you want to dine like the old Saxons did you should go to the Sophienkeller. But the best is always to just walk through the streets and follow your nose. There are so many great places to discover.

I know you did not visit Germany because of the water.

I know you are waiting for great places to drink. Basically the whole Neustadt-district is full of bars and clubs. It is the place to go. In summer people are sitting on the streets having beers you can by in so called “Spätis” (places which sell alcohol all night). But you should also check out some nice bars. “Der Lude” is a great place to start off your evening if you like a more out of the box ambience. Definitely go to “Rosis Amüsierlokal”, because the people are great and you can play pool as well. It is typical place for students because of the cheap drinks. If you also want to dance I can highly recommend the “Groovestation” for a dance or a concert. “Katy’s Garage” also offers a quite variety of events and music, it is especially nice in summer time.

However if you travel with friends just grab a few drinks and sit down on the river banks like most people do. You will meet a lot of people there too and the view, well the view is simply amazing.


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