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Europe’s best culinary destinations

Are you a food lover looking for a new, exciting destination? Or maybe you are already planning a trip to Europe and would like to know some of the best dishes of the Old Continent? Today we would like to present you some of the best culinary destinations of Europe and the meals they are the most famous for.




Probably the most popular sweet food in the Netherlands, the stroopwafel has to be on your list when in Amsterdam. Made of two thin waffles stuck together with a layer of sweet syrup it is best served warm with the syrup slightly melted. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

Raw herring

As scary as it sounds it is actually considered a delicacy. The first catch of the year is usually sold for thousands of euros! It is especially good in May and July when it is the sweetest.



Fish and chips

Probably the most famous british dish, it simply has to be on your London bucket list! Traditionally eaten with mushy peas and garnished with salt and vinegar it is an amazing comfort food. And although it is best eaten by the seaside, you can get some amazing fish and chips in London as well!

Sunday Roast

Traditionally eaten from noon to 5pm on Sundays it is definitely a classic. It can come with many different types of meat and should always consist of meat, potatoes, gravy, vegetables and of course the Yorkshire pudding. Try it and you will not be disappointed!






Walk past any bakery in the wee hours of the morning and you’ll be instantly spellbound by the warm buttery smell of fresh croissants escaping from the air vents at pavement level. Make sure to ask if they are freshly made because those taste the best!


One of the few truly native street foods, the crêpe is indeed a lovely treat to indulge in when it’s time for an afternoon snack. Be sure to pick a stand that cooks crêpes to order!



Fish and seafood

Thanks to its long coastline Portugal has an access to some of the best seafood in Europe. While in Lisbon you have to try fish such as sea bass, sea bream and especially sardines. And let’s not forget about the crabs, clams and prawns!

Pastel de nata

Also known as the Pastel de Belem due to the part of the city it originates from is one of the most popular dessert in Portugal. And since Lisbon is its home town you cannot miss the opportunity to try those incredible egg tart pastry!




Definitely one of the city’s most iconic foods, you can’t visit Berlin without trying currywurst (preferably after a fun night out!). Quite spicy, not very dietetic, but absolutely delicious, the currywurst has even earned its own special cutlery!

Wiener Schnitzel

This breaded-and-fried meat is an absolute must-eat when you’re in Berlin! Perfect for dinner and very filling, it will give you lots of energy for a whole day of sightseeing!




İskender Kebap

This döner meat dish is a must-eat when in Istanbul.The meat is seasoned with  local herbs and spices, skewered on a spit and grilled. Typically served with pita style bread it is very filling and absolutely delicious.


This typical dessert made of thin slices of flaky pastry and layers of nuts mixed with sugar and honey. It is insanely sweet but absolutely mouthwatering!




You simply cannot go to Napoli and not try typical neapolitan pizza. It is wonderfully thin with mouthwatering toppings and slight crisp on the rim. Since the pizza was actually created in Napoli you can be sure that it will be absolutely out of this World!

Pasta Carbonara

Another one of the classics, carbonara is a must-eat item. Done in a proper way it has a lot of flavour and a lot of black pepper – as it should, since its name comes from the black, carbon-like colour it got from the spice. Try it and you’ll fall in love with Napoli even more!






One of the most popular local dishes, these savoury pancakes made from grated or ground potato, flour, and egg and seasoned with onions and garlic, served with thick cuts of bacon are the definition of heaven on a plate.

Gravad lax (or gravlax)

The raw salmon that has been prepared for a few days in sugar, salt, and dill ends up being absolutely delicious dish that simply melts in your mouth.

One of the best ways to learn about a country is to try its food. So pack your bags and go on a culinary adventure of your lifetime!


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