Feria de Abril – the spring fair you have to visit

Two weeks after the end of Semana Santa (the Holy Week) an incredibly colorful celebration starts in the city of Seville, Spain, and lasts for a whole week. The Spring Fair, known as the Feria de Abril is a beautiful celebration that shows the unique culture of this region of the country.

The fiesta takes place in Los Remedios area and attracts thousands of tourists not only from Spain but from all around the World. There are not many better occasions to get to know the spanish folklore than this week full of dance, food and drinks.


The citizens of Seville dress up in traditional andalusian outfits and flamenco dresses making the ambience of the city simply magical. The Real de la Feria area is entirely occupied by tents, called casetas. They are various size pavilions owned by wealthy sevillian families, local companies or the city itself. If you don’t have the invitation to one of the pavilions you can alway enter one of the six casetas municipiales, the city-owned tents. Inside you can enjoy some wine or other drinks and eat a delicious meal. Between 21:00 and 6:00 you can also see traditional flamenco shows in many of the tents. It is an amazing festival for anyone interested in the flamenco culture.


During the noche de pescadito you can try dozens of different mouthwatering dishes made of fish and seafood and throughout the entire Feria everybody is enjoying some manzanilla wines and traditional sherries.

And let’s not forget about the World’s largest travelling funfair – Calle del Infierno (Hell’s Street) open for visitors of all ages!

light-garland-346848_1920Image source: https://festoonhouse.com.au/outdoor-string-lights/

Seville is a beautiful city all-year-round, but it becomes mesmerizing during Feria de Abril. So use this opportunity to get to know Spain like never before.

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