Five Golden Rules That You Need To Remember For Success

If you run a hotel you know people travel for all sorts of reasons. Some do it for business, this is travelling for necessity. Others do it for pleasure or just to get away from everything and recharge. Whatever the reason, it is your job as a hotelier to make sure they have a pleasant and memorable stay. This is in the hope that they will return or, at the very least, tell their friends about their stay and recommend your hotel.

No matter the reason for your guests stay, if you implement these five rules and highlight them to your staff then you can at least maximise the chance of them returning and/or recommending.

1. People Buy From People

No matter what business you are in, it remains true, especially today, that people buy from people. You could have the best rooms, the tastiest food and all the facilities under the sun, but if your guest encounters rude or impolite staff and just simply unhelpful staff, they will leave with a bad impression of the your hotel and pass that on to others.

In order to avoid this it is important to remind your staff of this most basic customer care point. Train them in how to remain cool in difficult situations and remind them to always smile and make people feel welcome. Simple right?

2. Keep It Personal

When your guest asks for help or advice, try to avoid the generic answer or the “one size fits all” approach. Ask the guest questions to get a better understanding of what exactly it is that they are looking for so you can deliver properly.

As an example, if a guest asks you where is a good place to try a local dish, what are they really asking for? Do they want you to tell them the information they can find easily with a google search? No, of course not. What they want from you is a personal perspective. They want to know where YOU would go for the same thing they are looking for. Personalisation works both ways.

3. Simplicity Is Always Best

We have all heard the saying “it’s not quantity but quality” and it is as true now as the day it was first penned. In a world where there are hundreds of gadgets and tech improvements, it is hard to decide what to give your guests.

Be careful when it comes to selecting things to leave it a guests room. There really is no need to leave a bottle of Verve Clicquot on the bed to make an impression. Again, personal is best. Perhaps a locally produced, unique body wash is just the thing that will leave a lasting impression.

4. Simplicity Wins

When you arrive at your destination and you have been travelling all day to get there, the last thing you want is a lighting system with 500 different settings and seems like you need a degree in astrophysics to operate. Putting something as simple as a plug point in a convenient place or having plug points with USB outputs in it can have a far greater impact.

Wi-Fi! The one thing that too many hotels do wrong is to have a Wi-Fi system where you have to sign in and then you get re-directed to the hotel homepage only to find it disconnects every time you stop browsing for more than 10 seconds. Taking them to the hotel homepage might seem like a good marketing opportunity, but actually, it generally has the opposite effect. Give your guest a simple sign-in network that will always be there and is fast and reliable and you will have a far more positive effect on their stay, I promise you.

5. Evolve Or Die

If you sit on your concept because you fell it is perfect, your hotel will fail within a very short time. The world we live in today is fast paced and forever changing. To avoid being left behind the rest, keep an eye on blog posts and industry talks that give you hints and tips on what is trending and what is wanted. That way you can always make sure that you are delivering to your guests what they want and not what you think you they want. Get it?

Keep an eye on the Bidroom blog for more ideas and tips on how the industry is changing and what to look out for.

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