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Customer Loyalty
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Managers know how important it is to satisfy the customer. Not only is he the one who pays for the service, but he also influences people he knows. The word-of-mouth marketing is much more effective than a branded campaign. That is why companies fight for the customer loyalty with their programmes.

What is a loyalty programme

Statistically, every one of us is signed in around 12 loyalty programmes. You can check your wallet – how many cards from your favourite shops or cafes you have there? Each card represents a loyalty programme, which is meant to attract you to return to the place and use the service once again. What is the reason for that? Compared to attracting a new client, focusing on the existing is much cheaper! It’s because the company doesn’t have to familiarize the person with the brand – the existing client knows it already! In that case, company’s only job is to make their client satisfied and show him why is it worth to come back. And that might be difficult. Now, let’s look at some ways companies gain the customer loyalty.

Marriott Rewards

Firstly, let us tell you something about Marriott Rewards. This program offers 4 stages of membership: basic member, Silver Elite, Gold Elite and Platinum Elite. If you participate in Marriott Rewards, you earn points for every stay at one of the chain’s hotels and bonus points for booking your room directly through Marriott. Other benefits? Mobile check-in, lowest prices for the apartments, late check-out and more. Of course, the higher level of membership, the more benefits you get. The Platinum Elite level benefits include 48-hour guaranteed room availability and a welcome gift of your choice. Another interesting thing? You can get a special Marriott Rewards credit card and pay for it. When you use it, you can choose whether you want to gain Marriott points or frequent flyer points. We think that it’s because of that diversity of the ways to gain points that Marriott Rewards is considered the best Rewards programme.

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club is a classic example of the frequent-flyer type of loyalty programme. Just like Marriott Rewards, here you have levels of membership too: Red tier, Silver tier and Gold tier. You earn tier points in every flight booked with Virgin Atlantic and when you get 400 points, you are moved to the Silver tier and 1000 points – to the Gold tier. What are the benefits of the programme? Cheaper flights, ability to pick a seat for free, dedicated phone line, kids accounts and more. On the higher level of membership, you also get priority check-in at the airport, access to the airport lounges, etc. What’s great about that programme, is that the points are not only to be used in Virgin Atlantic. Being a member, you can use them in different big airlines too, for example, Delta Airlines, Air Nippon Airways or Air New Zealand. That is, in our opinion, a great way of gaining customer loyalty.

The Ritz-Carlton Rewards

Similar to the Marriott Rewards, the Ritz-Carlton Rewards is a loyalty program for the hotel guests. You can earn up to 10 points or 2 miles per dollar spent on a room in one of the hotels. What’s interesting is that The Ritz-Carlton and Marriott are partners in their rewards programs. It means that you can stay in Ritz-Carlton and have your points added to your Marriott Rewards account. As to the airline miles, you can choose to collect them with one of the Ritz-Carlton partners, for example, Lufthansa or Emirates Skywards. The programme also has different levels of membership – Silver, the most basic one, Gold and Platinum. What are the benefits for the members? Late priority check-out, guaranteed room availability, dedicated guest service phone line and bonus points for every stay in one of the hotels. Lastly, the Ritz-Carlton Rewards allows you to share your points with a different program member. We think that if you are a frequent traveller and a returning guest of hotels like Ritz-Carlton, this loyalty program is more than worth checking.


EasyJet Flight Club is different from the previous programs. Why? It is the company who invites you to join their club. That means you cannot sign up yourself. EasyJet looks into your number of flights and if you fulfil their demands, they will send you your own, private code to register for the Flight Club. The membership lasts for 1 year and near the end of each year, your account is being verified. If you made enough purchases, you will be able to keep your membership. What are the benefits of the EasyJet Flight Club? Firstly, a price guarantee. That means that if you find the flight connection in a lower price than on EasyJet, the company will repay you the difference and you will also get a 10% off voucher for your next flight  Another benefit is the ability to change all of the data of the ticket without paying the normal change fee. These benefits will for sure save you a lot of money, but we think that the fact of being chosen to join the Club is what makes this customer loyalty program special.


Last but not least, we would like to mention us – The business model itself focuses on customer loyalty. Throughout the platform, you are able to get the direct prices from the hotel, which are guaranteed to be lower than on every other public booking platform. What’s differs Bidroom from other companies is the mission. As you probably know, online travel agencies charge the commission for every single booking you make through their website. In Bidroom, we don’t agree on this kind of treatment. The mission of the company is to bring the fairness to the hospitality industry. What do we mean? As you make your account and pay the activation fee, you can save your money on every booking. Each hotel that joins the platform has to make sure their prices on our website are at least 5% lower than anywhere else. However, with that discount you save money and the hotel keeps the amount it would have to pay as the commission because we don’t charge it.  If you want to read more about Bidroom, you can check our webpage.

As you can see, many grand, globally known companies work hard to gain the customer loyalty. With the loyalty programs, they give their clients the feeling of having more. With that, the clients ask themselves “Why would I purchase anywhere else, when this company wants me and cares about my experience?”. That is the whole mission of loyalty programs – keep the people that know you and make them fall in love.

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