Foodie Tourism: The Top 5 UK Food Challenges

Featured image: Bare Grills’ Undefeated BBQ Challenge

Foodie Tourism is the trend we’ve tried and taste-tested at Bidroom. In the spirit of following our taste buds once again, we’ve compiled a list of the best destinations in the UK based on their extreme food challenges. 

Follow in the footsteps of the great foodie travellers before you and explore the world of Foodie Tourism: The UK Food Challenges edition. Cultivate your trip around the UK’s toughest and most famous challenges. Maybe even try them out for yourself; are you more of a 27 inch pizza traveller or a 7 lb meat kind of foodie? One thing is certain, you’ve got to let your tastebuds guide the way. 

1.  Bare Grills’ Undefeated BBQ Challenge, Bristol

The reigning champion of this challenge is a food Youtube king, Beard Meets Food. Offering challengers a juicy bare grill burger, an entire rack of succulent, glistening ribs, a ginormous helping of dirty bacon fries, smoked brisket, pulled pork, chicken wings, smoked sausage, house slaw, 4 onion rings, and two small corn on the cob, worth 45£ or free if you complete the challenge within a one hour time limit. 

Things to do in Bristol

If you decide to chase the challenge and take a trip to Bristol, one of our top restaurant recommendations is Littlefrench, known for its “unpretentious French food at sensible prices”.  You won’t be disappointed with their trouvailles (unsure what that means? Check out this post), from bouef to buttery potatoes and crab bisque. Some touristic bits to keep you busy between breakfast, lunch, and dinner include visiting Clifton Observatory, a windmill from 1776 with exceptional panoramic views of the area. Close by, you’ll find the Botanic gardens, and if you’re into some heritage and history, we recommend visiting the ruins of Norman Castle in Castle Park. 

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2. Toni’s Pizzeria Pizza Challenge, Glasgow

This 7 lb pizza is not for the faint hearted or weak stomached. It’s 27 inches of cheesy, tomatoey goodness for the price of £27. If you finish within their 90 minute time frame, not only do you get the meal for free, you also get added to Toni’s Pizzeria’s Wall of Fame. 

Things to do in Glasgow

While Glasgow isn’t necessarily world renowned for its pizza, it is pretty famous for all things fried — grabbing a deep fried, well, anything, is a foodie traveller rite of passage in Glasgow. However, we do recommend the deep fried mars bar. At Beat 6, their deep fried mars bar dessert comes with chocolate soil and Irn Bru sorbet — oh so Glasweigian. The Lighthouse in Glasgow is a work of art. Not only that, it’s Scotland’s centre for Design and Art, housing exhibitions and events. Another spot well worth visiting is Pollok Country Park, where you can explore the grounds of majestic, luscious gardens. 

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3. The Roman Empire, CoCo Gelato, Cardiff 

A whopping 4 waffles, 18 scoops of various flavours of gelato, fresh fruit on top, chocolate bars, drenched in syrups and sauces, topped with pieces of chocolate fudge brownie. The original concept was based around the structure of the Colosseum in Rome, but with all the toppings and sugary delights, it couldn’t hold it’s own weight. For £32.95, would you give this food challenge a try? 

Things to do in Cardiff

If you’re feeling hungry for something more savoury, visit the Pieminister, an award winning pie restaurant with sumptuous sides… and desserts. Oh, and they have a tonne of options for vegans and veggies. Their OG vegan pie is filled with mushrooms, baby onions, quinoa, tomato & thyme, and looks…*salivating* sensational. Our fellow history buffs will love diving into the city’s historic architecture at Cardiff Castle in the centre of the city itself. If you’ve got some time on your hands, taking a boat trip out to Flat Holm Island for the day is one of the highlights for most tourists, with plenty of history and nature to admire. 

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4. Longhorn’s Breaking Badass Challenge, Newcastle 

Similarly to the Bare Grills’ challenge, this restaurant requires competitors to consume an astonishing 7 lbs of meat; the array of produce worth £35 includes beef brisket, beef ribs, smoked hog, an entire rack of pork ribs, sausage, chicken wings, and a three bean chilli served with a brioche bun, coleslaw, and an enormous helping of fries. With only one hour to eat everything, we’re pretty sure this is one of the toughest food challenges around. 

Things to do in Newcastle

If multiple choice in food is your thing, one of the funnest and tastiest things to do in Newcastle is to go on the “A Taste of Newcastle Food Tour”, where you’ll get the chance to sample some of the best food Newcastle has to offer. Check out the Victoria Tunnel if you’re into history, or if you’re more interested in scenery, we recommend you visit Jesmond Dene Park, the narrow wooded valley with stunning wildlife and nature.

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5. MEATLiquor, The Triple Chilli Challenge, London  

Spicy food lover? This is the challenge for you — if you can take the heat. Competitors are required to guzzle an entire Jalapeño covered burger, jalapeño covered hot dog, jalapeño covered fries. It’s cheesy, chilli, and loaded with toppings, packed with carbs. Do you think you could handle this? Well, if you finish this tantalising trifecta in ten minutes, you get it completely free rather than paying £25. Oh, and you even get your name and picture on their leaderboard above the kitchen. It’s worth trying, in our book. 

Things to do in London

Does anybody else agree that you have one stomach for savoury food and another for dessert? If so, The Connaught Patisserie is one of the most delectable patisseries in London and a prime spot to satiate your sweet side. It’s delicacies include a chocolate and hazelnut greyhound — how delish. Of course, there are such a range of things to do in London, especially as a newcomer; the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and Big Ben. However, if you’re looking for a miniature guide to some hidden gems in various districts, we’ve got you covered. 

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