Where to get away from the heat during the Summer in Europe

Summer is obviously a wonderful time, but not everybody loves the heat, so today we have prepared a list of European cities where you can get away from it while still having an amazing time!


Reykjavík, Iceland

The capital and the largest city of Iceland is actually the world’s northernmost capital of a sovereign state. While it is a small city of only around 120 000 inhabitants, it has a lot of charm and is perfect for those of you who try to escape the heat. Despite the fact, that it has almost 25 hours of daylight each day during the summer it is still one of the coldest cities in Europe, so you get colder weather with a lot of sunshine! With six districts full of attractions and incredible landscapes just minutes away from its center, it is the perfect destination.




Glasgow, United Kingdom

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the third largest city in the UK. Its name is most likely derived from the Celtic word Glas – cu, meaning a beloved, green place. Its history dates back to the early Middle Ages when Glasgow was the largest bishopric in Scotland. The main tourist attractions are numerous architectural objects, especially those of the Victorian era, museums and art galleries. It is a stunning city with an incredible atmosphere and mild temperatures that allow the visitors to soak up its beauty without getting exhausted from the heat!




Dublin, Ireland

The town is located on the east coast of Ireland, on the Irish Sea, at the mouth of the River Liffey to the Gulf of Dublin. The river divides the city into two distinctly different parts: the Northside and the more modern and prosperous Southside. Dublin is the principal administrative, cultural, economic and industrial center of the country, with many fantastic views and great pubs and restaurants. Ireland is of course known for its colder weather, so Dublin may be the perfect choice for escaping the heat but still enjoying gorgeous surroundings.




Tallinn, Estonia

This amazing city is less known than some of the other European capitals, which is a big mistake since it is a wonderful place full of amazing buildings and sights. Because of its convenient location, Tallinn was often invaded and conquered, which lead to the decision to fortify the city – surrounded by a ring of thick walls and powerful bastions. It is a real gem in the Baltic Sea. These raw medieval walls contrast with the colorful houses, while the wooden buildings of the Kadriorg district, in turn, with the nearby palace of the proud tsars. It is a cold city with very warm and welcoming people and amazing places to discover!




Oslo, Norway

We have written about Oslo before, and not without a reason! The capital and the largest city of Norway is simply beautiful. Located between the Oslofjord and hundreds of square kilometers of forests it is not only a home of beautiful nature but also some incredible architecture and great restaurants and bars. It is also perfect if you do not enjoy the heat since the temperatures during the summer months barely rise above 20 degrees Celcius.




Saint Petersburg, Russia

Located in the Neva delta on the Gulf of Finland in the territory containing more than 40 islands, it was once the capital of Russia. UNESCO has declared it the eighth most attractive tourist city in the world. It is an extremely impressive city whose architecture has fascinated visitors for centuries. Petersburg is also one of the major museum centers in the world, and in the vicinity of the town, there are numerous tourist and tourist destinations, where the palace and park complexes of the former tsars of Russia. Its climate is rather chilly which makes it the perfect destination to avoid the heat waves!


So even if you fo not like the heat you have no excuse not to travel this Summer!



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