Great Train Journeys Around the World

As the winter months set in, and the weather gets colder, we search for ways to bring a bit of warmth into our worlds. What about a nice, romantic, stress-free journey that you will never forget? Today we look at train journeys that will warm your heart and give you memories that will stay with you forever.

There is something particularly magical about taking a train journey through somewhere. The time it allows to watch the world go by, at a pace that gives you room to enjoy the views is something that cannot be rivalled by anything else in my opinion.

I don’t know if it is the hypnotic and rhythmic chugging of the wheels or the nostalgia of spending a few days being taken through some of the most breathtaking scenery that mother nature has to offer us, but I do know that it is something that appeals to a lot of us. So let’s take a look at some of the best train journeys across the globe.

Trans Siberian Railway

Route: Moscow – Vladivostok

Distance: 5,772 miles

Travel time: 1 week

The Trans Siberian Railway journey is possibly one of the most famous journeys you can take and it is certainly one of the longest and most epic ones. If this journey is not on your bucket list then perhaps you should add it now. Built between 1891 and 1916 and at a total distance of 9,289 Kilometers (5,772 Miles) with a purpose of connecting Moscow with the Far-East of Vladivostok, it is still the longest railway in the world.

There are two options for anyone considering the journey. The first option is the public train, Rossiya No.2, which is a great way to experience a sense of authenticity and will take you six days of travelling. Then there is option number 2. Giving you an extra special way of travelling in style, called the Golden Eagle luxury train, it is just that. Offering you luxury suites, onboard fine dining and even a doctor for those emergency moments. This would be my choice for a romantic and stress-free experience.

Orient Express

Route: London – Venice

Distance: 932 miles

Travel time: 24 Hours

The train journey that has probably inspired the highest number of romantic novels. The journey from London to Venice is perfect for you and your loved one to enjoy the breath-taking scenery that western Europe has to offer. It is the setting for Agatha Christies’ most well-known Poirot crime story and still to this day has many of the original features and furniture.

There is a lot of history on board this train and it has been lovingly restored in order to capture some of that for us in the present day. Each car has its own story and it is well worth finding out exactly what they are. With Art Deco style and many original features from the 1920’s and 50’s, the Orient Express will serve up every ounce of romance that you would expect from a journey such as this. This is my own personal bucket list entry and I look forward to breathing it all in.

Glacier Express

Route: Zermatt – St. Moritz

Distance: 180 miles

Travel time: 8 Hours

One of the shortest on the list, the Glacier Express is also one of the most epically beautiful trips across a small part of Europe. Transporting you through incredible scenery offered up by the mountainscapes of the Alps, it takes you through Switzerland in a way you can only find on this train. With the open-roof windows of the panoramic trains, you will not be disappointed with the views given to you by this incredible country.

It is also referred to as ‘the slowest express train in the world’. Although only having a total journey time of 8 hours, you will feel like you have taken a journey across continents and through time itself. The entire journey will take you over 291 bridges, lifting you to a lofty height of 2,033 m or 6,670 ft and across countless viaducts as well as through 91 tunnels. With prices of around 130 Euros, it is something that we should all enjoy at one point in our lives.

The Coast Starlight

Route: Los Angeles (L.A.) – Seattle

Distance: 1,377 miles

Travel time: 36 Hours

As the last journey on today’s list, the Coast Starlight is renowned across the world as one of the most scenic journey’s you can take. Rolling its way past Pacific beaches, mountain ranges, and countless national parks, it is sure to not disappoint. I would also recommend you stop to appreciate some of the cities you will find yourself travelling through like San Francisco and Sacramento.

In order to take in the coastline in all its glory, they recommend you book seats on the west side of the carriage and when you do, you will surely never forget the views that you would never get taking the same journey along the highway. You will see everything from waterfalls and lush green forests, to snow-topped mountain ranges. If you really want to do it in style you can upgrade to a small private room with beds. This will also upgrade your entire journey and give you access to the Pacific Parlour carriage, where you can enjoy the dome windows and cheese and wine party in the evenings.

I hope that you choose to experience one of these beautiful journeys in your lifetime and I hope it brings you as much joy as the millions of people that have been there for themselves over the years. It is a journey with a difference and you never know, perhaps it will inspire a crime or romance novel of your own.

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