Greece – A Different Winter Destination

Greece, as you know, is typically known as a summer destination. Let me tell you about the other Greece. The winter wonderland of the Mediterranean you never knew about.

Golden beaches, wild summer parties, relaxing seclusion and a plethora of islands to explore and get lost on. Add to this the intoxicating history and the ancient architecture known to all of us. That is what most of us consider to be Greece.

There is however, a little known side of Greece that offers plenty of choice for the Winter period.


Meteora was used as the background for one of the scenes in Game of Thrones. For 99% of people, that should be reason enough to visit. For the remaining 1% of the worlds population, there are many other reasons to visit Meteora.

Meteora is famous for the countless monasteries balanced precariously and perfectly on mountain tops. Some have called Meteora the 8th wonder of the world. Visiting in winter can be hit and miss, some of it can be cut off. If you trek the hills, you will not be disappointed with the panorama you are greeted by. Remember, take your camera!


Pelion is a place of romance. Awash with streams, waterfalls and glorious backdrops that might even make your camera produce a tear. The training ground to Greek legends such as Achilles, Jason and Theseus, Mount Pilion is now home to 24 picturesque villages. Each property is built from the traditional stone from the region.

If you are a couple the Pelion is the place to go. There are numerous trips, treks and winter strolls to be had. You will never run out of options for cafes and restaurants. One thing not to be missed is the cove of Fakistra. A stream that springs from the mountain and flows to the sea. Although access may be tricky, once you make it, you will not be disappointed. There is also plenty of skiing to be had. All of this makes it a perfect winter getaway.

To add to all of that, as it wasn’t enough, definitely try the local sweets (candies). Normally found in jars and called Glyka tu kutaliu (sweet of the spoon) they derive the name from the traditional choice of serving the sweet on a small spoon. You will find some unbelievable flavours and I would recommend trying them all!

Nymfaio – Florina

Bears, Wolves and Wine. Some might say a strange combination but it is one that will delight to be sure. Nymfaio is a small village, where every building is made of stone, typical of the region. With beech forests at every turn, you might understand why no cars are allowed. Be prepared to walk.

Other than the forests and the vineyards it is also very close is Arcturus. Arcturus bear sanctuary is open every day over the Christmas period until 6th January. There is actually three parts of the sanctuary, covering roughly 60km, it caters for bears, wolves and brown bears. A place not to be missed on your visit to see these amazing animals in a natural surrounding.


In winter we all dream of cozy fires, hot chocolate and winter white landscapes. Or at least a lot of us do. Combine all of that with hitting the slopes on skis or board and you have, in essence, Arachova.

Known for amazing nature and historical background, situated at the foot of the second highest peak in Greece, Mount Parnassos, Arachova is the perfect winter escape. You can visit Delphi, home to the legendary Apollo. Winter is the perfect time to visit as isn’t overrun with visitors. It will provide you with a breathtaking backdrop to really take it all in.


Edessa is a place most well known for its amazing waterfalls. If you are a photographer who likes to take landscape pictures then this a must not miss place for you. In winter, in my opinion, it is even more breathtaking. With some parts of the countless rivers and streams frozen, the waterfalls still flow with full ferocity.

The other thing Edessa will give you is its amazing desserts. The local delicacies are numerous and gloriously sweet, in every sense of the word. You will certainly need the sugar while you properly explore the endless trails and takes postcard winter pictures of the waterfalls. Enjoy!

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