A guide to New York City

New York City is visited by more than 45 million tourists a year. The most populous US city is an important cultural and business center. As the largest city in a country as large as the United States can be a real maze. Not without a reason, it is called a concrete jungle. Today, to make it easier for you to navigate, we will present you a brief guide to its five districts.



There is an ethnically diverse community here. The greatest attraction of the district is undoubtedly the New York Botanical Garden – one of the oldest and largest botanical gardens in America. In the garden there is a greenhouse, erected in 1902. At the north end of the district are Riverdale Park and the zoo. One of the main attractions of the district is the famous Yankee Stadium built in 1923, modernized in the seventies, can accommodate 54,000 spectators at the Bronx. On the north coast of the Bronx is located City Island Island with picturesque yacht marina and beach with preserved 1930s changing rooms. There are many seafood restaurants on the island that are definitely worth visiting!





If the district was a separate city, it would be the fourth-largest city in the United States. It dates back to the 16th century.

The oldest and principal cultural center of Brooklyn is the 1858 Academy of Music.
Another unique place is the US biggest museum – The Brooklyn Museum of Art, with one of the world’s largest collections of Egyptian objects. Brooklyn well known for its roller coaster built in wood – “The Cyclone” built in the year 1926, today it is a memorial of the history of New York. Brooklyn also has a Botanical Garden with the largest collection of roses in North America.
Part of the district is also Coney Island – in the early 20th century the island began to deserve the name of the world’s largest playground.
It is definitely worth it to take a walk over Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy everything this district has to offer.





Manhattan is the best-known district of New York. It is an ethnic boiler with the world’s largest subway network and a famous cultural and economic center. There are hundreds of finest galleries, museums, and theaters located on the island, as well as representations of hundreds of companies and banks. On Wall Street, there are important institutions including the New York Stock Exchange and the town hall. Next to Wall Street is the most visited area of the entire city – Time Square.
Manhattan’s lungs are Central Park, which occupies a larger area (3.41 km²) than the entire state of Monaco (1.95 km²)!





Large and extensive residential and commercial district – Queens, is a gathering of many nationalities. There are two major airports located here – La Guardia and John K. Kennedy.

It is also a home of the New York Mets baseball team and the US Tennis Center, where the prestigious US Open is held each year is located here.
Here is the American Museum of the Moving Image, which organizes reviews of films from around the world. In the neighborhood is the only casino in the city, Resorts World Casino. Queens is also known for its green areas. The largest of the park’s neighborhoods is Flushing Meadows, which attracts fans of cycling and sunbathing.

The district is constantly developing and becoming more and more popular among both the inhabitants and tourists.




Staten Island

Staten Island is definitely the quietest of all districts, but it also has a lot to offer. It is definitely far from the city center, but free ferries run to the island every 20 minutes, and it is a ride worth taking since you get the chance to see the Statue of Liberty from the deck of the ferry.

There are hills, lakes, beautiful sandy beaches located on Staten Island and everything is framed by lush vegetation. Here you can find well-preserved early New York constructions.

The biggest attraction is the faithful replica of a Buddhist temple rising on the hill with an authentic altar rich in gold, silver and bronze figures.
Worth seeing is the Historic Richmond Town – a historic village, and an open-air museum.




New York is a fascinating and vibrant city, and one definitely worth visiting! And if while there you want to have the perfect look over its most glorious view – the Manhattan, choose The Meadowlands View Hotel, located only minutes away from the city!


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