Here’s How We Ensure Fairness & Sustainability Are Put Into Practice in Travel

It’s only fair to be sustainable. It’s only sustainable to be fair. 

In 2014, we created Bidroom with one goal in mind: fairness. 

We committed to making the hospitality industry a better place for everyone; from hoteliers to hotel goers. As our company has grown and evolved, so too has our definition of fairness. While it still encompasses cost, availability, transparency at its heart, to us, in a world in which our every action has a reaction, we also consider fairness in terms of climate and how we treat it. 

At Bidroom, we strive not only to cultivate an ecosystem of fairness, but also responsibility in travel. 

Bidroom values and promotes sustainability; a conscious community of both adventurers, hoteliers and partners that commit to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle away or at home. Everyone has their part to play in our tribe.

Our efforts, our impact

We believe that we can achieve great things by working together in tandem; our team, our users, hoteliers and partners. Our initiatives are stronger when we align and work together to travel smarter as a guiding principle. 

The habitat created between Bidroom and our partners serves to ensure our users have the opportunity to travel consciously, from start; booking the right hotel at a fair price, to finish; exploring a destination with care, and allows our partners to become part of something bigger.

We are proud to work in association with companies to change not only the way we travel. Here are some partnership that help us move forward with our value:

We support green hotels

On our platform, we’re growing our inventory of green accommodation. Their measures illustrate good, green practice within hospitality, but also extend well past their own doors; engagement in “Give Back” activities span from projects of reforestation to beach cleanups and environmental education schemes.

  • The Luxe Nomad Bali: Asia-Pacific’s leading luxury villa booking portal and management company
  • Selina: a lifestyle, travel and hospitality Platform
  • Green Key: voluntary eco-label award

Get the sustainable stamp of approval

Bidroom partnerships cultivate social responsibility and awareness surrounding our individual impact; our CO2 footprint, energy and water consumption, as well as promoting solutions to reduce those negative effects; implementation of green areas, certification of environmentally friendly places to dine, drink and explore, and advancement of technologies to combat climate change.

  • Chooose: a new tool to help our members compensate their CO2 emissions

Move in a more eco-friendly way

By definition, travel is about making a journey, whether that is by foot, bike, motorcycle, car, plane or other. Fortunately, many of our associated companies work to offset the ecological damage done by traditional vehicles. Alternatives introduced by our partners are ensuring that travellers can roam abroad carefree, knowing that their choice of taxi, scooter, bike or car takes care of our world, with no carbon emissions.

Working together on the Bidroom mission

Teamwork is the pathway to achieving great things. When we align on one common goal we are more powerful. Our team is made up of partners, our hotels and our users, and each and every member of the Bidroom family. 

  • The Bidroom Salesforce are making some greener connections with hotels. 
  • Our Business Development team creates invaluable partnerships, which are key players in our mission to travel smarter. 
  • Our HR team gives us the people that make being a sustainable company a reality. 
  • Marketing promotes our message of traveling smarter, travelling responsibly. 

Grow a profitable business on fairness

Bidroom is proof, in the face of the big, booming OTAs that you can grow a business while maintaining a mission of fairness and consciousness. We love to support and join other companies who are proof that together we can make a difference. Together we can make a change, within the industry and in the wider world.

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