Holidays Growing Popular as a Christmas Gift

In the era of digital products, music CDs, Blu-Rays and board games are no longer an easy solution to Christmas gift shopping struggles. As we tend to favor more personalized presents, coming up with the perfect idea could bring unnecessary stress in this soothing season.  However, a new trend in the season of giving has emerged.

A research conducted by shows that holidays are consistently growing popular as a gift, whether it’s for Christmas, birthday or anniversary.

“People have become bored of the same repetitive presents, like books, CDs and perfumes, and started looking for more creative ways of showing their love. Instead of giving material things, we are now more keen on presenting the people we love with memories. And holidays usually deliver a lot of them” – says Michael Ros, the CEO of

Holidays haven’t emerged as a popular gift solely because they produce memories. They’re a handy present. We all know that the end of the year can be a tough time for our budgets. Contrary to material things, you don’t have to pay straight away for a booking. Postponing the costs of a Christmas gift can be of relief for your wallet and will help balance out your yearly budget.

Believe it or not, but presenting someone with a printed out voucher doesn’t have to seem like a cheap idea. Turning to the creative side of one’s personality, can make the voucher itself look like a cool gift. One of the popular ways of giving the voucher for the holiday is to buy a city guide, put the booking confirmation inside, wrap it all up nicely, and voila – a cool, surprising present that will turn into months of cherishing and looking forward to.

Yes, what’s also an upside of holiday as a gift, is the time between Christmas and the actual departure date. What do people do when given a CD on Christmas? Play it once and that’s it. But holiday is a gift that will be talked about and planned for the entire time just until the start, and remembered for years to come.  It’s a gift that lasts forever.

According to the research, when buying holiday for somebody else, city break destinations are atop of the list. Choosing a summer vacation for somebody else is extremely risky, but a weekend trip is a completely different story. Paris, Rome and Venice are one of the most popular cities booked as a present. They are typical romantic destinations which could serve as an anniversary gift. Middle European cities, like Belgrade or Cracow are also popular, and surely will surprise many with their outstanding atmosphere.

Out-of-the-box Christmas gift ideas, literally and figuratively, are the most surprising and well-received presents. Can holidays make their way under every Christmas tree? It certainly looks like they’re getting there.

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