Hotel Of The Future

World changes in an incredible speed these days. New amazing inventions are being introduced to us almost daily, also in the travel industry. Let’s try and see into the future to guess how the hotels could look like in a few decades.


It sounds very futuristic but it is not as far away from us as we may think. Robots are already making their entrance into the hotels all around the World. While now those are mostly robots responsible for receiving requests from the guests it is highly possible that in a few decades robots will be the new maids, receptionists or even chefs at the restaurants!

Intelligent rooms/Personalization

Now it is hard to imagine that the room could be responsive. They are a space to stay at, not intelligent systems. But with time it can all change. Rooms would remember their guests, know their habits and needs and adjust themselves to them. Knowing that the guest prefers darkness the window blinds would be closed for their arrival and the lights would be dimmed, the bed would change its softness depending on the body-type and preferences of the guest, etc.


The more advanced the technology the more comfortable we become. It sounds harsh but really it is just an evolutionary process and it doesn’t necessarily mean we are becoming lazy, we just like comfort and start to demand it, especially in hotels, that are supposed to be our getaways. Voice activated technology has already made their entrance but with time not only light but also the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom will be entirely voice activated, making the stay that much more convenient.

Automatic tools

You will not only be able to set an alarm clock, but any other device you want. You want the toast to be made at 8 am and the coffee at 8:15? No problem. You want the lights to go off at 10 pm and the bathtub to be filled with water and your favourite scent at 10 pm? Nothing more simple than that. You will be able to set the whole room to do what you want it to do, when you want it to do it.

Virtual Reality

That is another step further into the future. The technology already exists, although it is more on a testing stage. What is the use of using virtual reality in a hotel room you may ask? It is simple – convenience. You will be able to check out the city before you leave the hotel, so that you can know exactly where you want to go before you even set off on a journey. You will be able to test the restaurants and museums before stepping your foot outside of the hotel. It will make travelling that much more efficient for those with little time (or those who don’t like to waste it)


The most futuristic of them all, the A.I. is for now something strictly from a sci-fi movie, but in a matter of decades it may become our reality. The hotel would become an entity, ready to help you with any request, always on standby, never asleep, never on a break. It sounds scary, and many do not want it to ever come true, after all it may take away jobs from people and make us all feel like we’re being watched 24/7. But for people ready to give it a try it can make everything a million times more comfortable.

We are still yet to see what the future will bring but it looks very interesting and very bright for the future travellers.

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