Hotel Skeppsholmen – an Oazis in the Middle of the City

Bidroom interview with Hotel Skeppsholmen

We have many exquisite hotels on our platform, and one of them is definitely the amazing Hotel Skeppsholmen from Stockholm. We had an opportunity to interview its management to better understand what makes it so special. Below you can find out more about this gorgeous place.

Bidroom: Could you please shortly describe Hotel Skeppsholmen to us?

Hotel Skeppsholmen: We are a place to reload your batteries, at a quiet, yet central location. Our hotel combines a historic landmark with the very best of contemporary Swedish cuisine, art, design, fashion, and music.

The location of your hotel is of course very special, what exactly makes it this unique?

The setting of Hotel Skeppsholmen is so rural, secluded, soothing and idyllic that you wouldn’t imagine yourself being just a ten-minute scenic walk from the city center of a major metropolis. The hotel is embedded in the lush greenery of Skeppsholmen Island, with a spectacular view over Stockholm’s waterfront and maritime inlet which truly does justice to the expression urban oasis.

Moreover, Hotel Skeppsholmen is Eco-labeled, could you please explain what exactly does that mean for your guests?

The Nordic Swan Eco-label is administered on consignment of the Swedish government by the non-profit state-owned company Ecolabelling Sweden. It is a tool to help consumers choose environmentally-sound products.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabels purpose is to give consumers a clear and concise environmental product information. In addition, it is also promoting the development of products that are environmentally-sound. Their vision is a sustainable society and their mission is to contribute to a sustainable consumerism.

Did your hotel receive any awards?

Selected by Svenska Möten, Selected by Safe Hotels, Travelers Choice Award 2017 by Tripadvisor, Recommended by White Guide 2017.

Finally, what kind of special offers do you have for the customers?

In our Suite Dreams package, you get 100 euro to use at Hotel Skeppsholmen. It also includes breakfast buffet and free access to Wi-Fi.

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