How Can You Advertise Your Hotel?

Managing a hotel is a quite difficult job, to begin with. You have to make sure everything is top-notch so that your customers feel welcome and go back. However, what do you have to do to attract customers to visit your hotel in the first place? Let’s have a look at some ideas on how to advertise your business.

Advertise your Niche

Why is your hotel special? What differs it from the others in your city? Why should people come to your hotel? When you know the answers to these questions it means that you know your product. You have to be aware of the speciality of your business when in comparison with the others. Without that, you will not be able to convince people. However, being aware will allow you to define the actual target group. Then, you will be able to create a marketing campaign and advertisements that will get to your target group.
Is your hotel the only spa in the area? Advertise it like that. No matter what niche are you covering with your business, you have to make sure that as many people as possible know about it.


When it comes to the advertising itself, there are a few ways to do it. Firstly, we would like to focus on e-marketing and AdWords. If you want to create some more movement on the website of your hotel then advertisements in the Google Search engine might be just right for you. Why?
AdWords is a system of ads that show up while you are making a search. You create an ad like this and then, depending on how much you pay and how responsive is your ad, the link to your direct website will show up in the result page. However, think it through and make sure you adjusted the ad to the right keywords so that as many people as possible see the link to your website. That way you can at least make yourself and your hotel visible.

Social Media Campaigns

We live in an era of social media, that is a fact we can’t argue with. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all of these platforms became sort of a source of information for modern people. Our advice is for you to use it for your own good. People very often spend over 3 hours per day on Facebook alone, not even counting Instagram in.
That’s why we think a social media campaign is a good idea. Depending on your target group, chose a good platform for the advertisements. Instagram campaigns will work better if you are a resort for families, a dreamy place for a honeymoon, etc. Facebook and LinkedIn will do the work if you are more business-centered. What does it mean? You host conferences, you are a place perfect for travelling businessmen and they are the biggest part of your clientele. Again, think about your target group and adjust your campaign to them. Maybe a big campaign on all of the social media is the best way for you? Or maybe all you need is to focus on one social media channel.

Yelp Ads

Millions of people visit Yelp app or website daily to look for recommendations or opinions on a place or a service. Why not spend some money and get yourself a place for an ad on their search engine? That way, while weary travellers will look you up on this app to check whether your hotel is worth attention, you will undoubtedly increase your visibility.
Moreover, for some people, even though they didn’t choose your hotel last time, they will remember you. That way, if what they are looking for some time later is closer to what you can offer they just might think of you. And then, in no time, the number of your clients rises!

Trip Advisor

We all know the might power of TripAdvisor. It is probably the most popular portal with opinions and reviews. It is important for a hotelier not to underestimate the power of it. What can you do to advertise your hotel on Trip Advisor?
Ask for reviews. When a guest is leaving your hotel, send him an email with a thank you and ask him to submit a review of his stay on the TripAdvisor. That way, your hotel will have a lot of reviews, hopefully only the good ones. Because of that, people will trust your business and you more. They tend to choose the place with more reviews.
Another important thing is replying to the reviews. No matter, if it’s good or not so good, answering to the guest directly, is always a good strategy. Thanks to that, they feel you care about your clients. You want them to enjoy their stay and you value their opinions and feedback.

Find partners

The last thing we want to tell you about today is finding partners. Try to look at your clientele and the things they usually do while staying in your hotel. Is it going to the museums? Taking tours? Visiting restaurants? Try to make a deal with the places near your hotel. They will advertise you in exchange for you directing your guests to their place. That none of the sides loses. Both earn recognition and visibility and, if everything works well, both sides notice a growth in their revenue. Sounds good enough to us – what about you?

So, there you have a few of our ideas on how to advertise your hotel in modern times. It might be a little difficult, but remember, if you think it through and work on it, you will succeed. Just make sure you know well both your target group and your business.

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